Decathlon: the brand hits hard with these waterproof sneakers for athletes

modified: 2023-01-08 09:32:02

To face bad weather, athletes can always count on Decathlon. The brand offers sneakers to stay dry.

  Decathlon: the brand hits hard with these waterproof sneakers for athletes

If you like to train outdoors , you know that bad weather is also part of the game. However, good equipment is also crucial for good performance. In this area, the Decathlon chain knows very well how its customers do. Hiking enthusiasts, snowboarding enthusiasts or diving enthusiasts , the brand adapts to all athletes. That said, in addition to selling sporting goods, she often adds her little touch. Result ? Of the products designed by the brand , often adored by customers. Behind this success, Decathlon continues to seek to offer products easy to use, and ingenious.

Ideal sneakers to protect your feet

In walking as in running, the body remains very stressed . But if you put on the right shoes, you can limit the discomfort felt during training. So as not to delay your hike, even during a downpour, Decathlon offers a new model. It's about HW 100 walking shoes .

Source : Capture Decathlon

Designed in a pearly fabric, they offer total protection against water and humidity. So you brave thunderstorms, puddles or a simple drizzle : these shoes will keep your feet dry. For even more comfort, they are very light in weight (188g) and have a very supple texture. Available from 36 to 42, this article mainly targets athletes . Are they prizes? €19.99.

Incidentally, Decathlon likes to please the ladies. Thus, the brand also presented the pair of Fitness Domyos 100 sneakers. Flexible and light, these shoes remain very comfortable . And this, thanks to a cushioning system, which limits shocks. This pair seems perfect for beginners, who have recently resumed their training. For those who like to train in color, the store chain also offers printed sports shoes Domyos 120. Available in 5 colors, they also exist from 36 to 42.

always among models intended for walking , you can also find the 160 Slip On Newfeel. Designed with lightweight materials, this pair offers a lot of comfort.

Decathlon meets with great success

For running enthusiasts, the brand recently unveiled a model that is a big hit. This is the model JogFlow 500.1 . This light and flexible pair keeps a very elegant look . The weight of these shoes, meanwhile, remains quite limited (203 g). They allow you to follow your strides in a free and fluid way. The materials used to make these pairs allow them to protect the feet from moisture. So you can run keeping a cool and dry step .

Source : Capture Decathlon

For more comfort, this model incorporates reinforced heels . Decathlon's objective? Absorb the shocks of strides throughout the race. This also allows for better performance, over a long period of time, while avoiding pain. Le prix de cet article ? €34.99 . Again, these shoes exist from 36 to 42.

if you are still hesitating, go and visit the Decathlon website. indeed, these days, the brand offers great promotions. Bicycles, helmets, ski equipment all departments have big discounts . This is the time to equip yourself in order to keep your good resolutions for 2023.

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