December 31, 2022: steps not to forget before the end of the year

modified: 2022-12-25 23:45:03

Many changes are coming for 2023. Here are the steps to take before December 31, 2022. We tell you everything!

  December 31, 2022: steps not to forget before the end of the year

Throughout the year, we hear about aid from the government, measures accessible to certain French people… However, you may postpone these steps as much as possible. And this, by laziness or by lack of time. However, you should know that the end of the year is fast approaching. And like every year, new devices will disrupt the daily life of the French in 2023. So know that you need to know take the right steps before a fateful date. As a general rule, in order to avoid penalties, this date is the December 31, 2022 . Whether it is the increase in the price of public transport, the arrival at term some help or even the implementation of exceptional measures for purchasing power... You must therefore act before the December 31, 2022 to preserve your finances. We'll explaine everything here !

Buy your Paris metro tickets

Know that the first steps to take are in connection with metro tickets. If you didn't know, price increase energy has had a colossal impact on many French people, and in particular on their budget. The price of public transport in Paris has risen sharply and will continue to increase from January 1, 2023. It should be noted that the monthly subscription for the Paris metro then goes from 75.20 euros per month to 84.10 euros. A difference that is far from negligible taking into account the current context. So why wait? Buy your tickets before December 31, 2022 to avoid facing soaring prices.

That's not all ! Other RATP packages continue to grow. For example, let's talk about the Navigo week pass. December 29, this pass will experience a significant increase. And this, going from 22.80 euros to 30 euros. The price of the t+ ticket book will be raised from 16.90 euros to 19.10 euros. Finally, a single metro ticket will now cost 2.10 euros. And this, against the usual 1.70 euros. It is therefore wise to go and buy these tickets and passes before the December 31, 2022 . And this, since after this date, prices will continue to increase.

Apply for the bicycle bonus before December 31, 2022

During the summer of 2022, the government has put in place many aids which aimed to counter the decline in the purchasing power of the French on the territory. Among these aids, we could then find state aid to buy a bike. Indeed, since August 15, 2022, some French people could benefit from this aid . Be aware that several options exist. We then find the aid of 40% of the price of a new bicycle (a maximum of 150 euros, or 375 euros of expenditure). Or the aid of a maximum of 400 euros for the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle. And finally, aid amounting to up to 2,000 euros. And this, for the purchase of a cargo bike, folding, recumbent or adapted to a situation of handicap. So remember to take the necessary steps before December 31, 2022 . And this, so as not to miss the opportunity.

There is also the conversion bonus. This device then allows you to drop off your old vehicle, dating from before 2006 for petrol vehicles or 2011 for diesels. Indeed, by dropping off this car for scrap, you are entitled to a voucher to buy a bike. As with many other aids, the amount varies according to the recipient's income. However, it should be noted that the maximum payment is 3,000 euros. And this, within the limit of 40% of the acquisition price. Know that you will need then complete the declaration of purchase on the dedicated website. And this before the December 31, 2022. After this period, you will no longer be able to benefit from it.

Apply for your Pass’Sport

You probably know Pass'Sport . Aid of 50 euros from the government. And this, to allow some children and young adults to finance the cost of the license or membership of a sports club. It should therefore be noted that the beneficiaries must also benefit from the back-to-school allowance, a higher education grant or the allowance for disabled children or adults. However, this aid has a deadline. In effect, the request is made during the year preceding the year of registration in a sports club . Thus, if you want to take advantage of the 2022-2023 sports season, you will have to finalize the procedures before December 31, 2022 .

As explained, to take advantage of government aid for the 2022-2023 sports season, you will need to retrieve your Pass'Sport code. You will then find this code in your school or personal email. Indeed, the Ministry of Sports sent an email during the summer to give more details on this subject. Don't panic if you realize you forgot to take advantage of it. In effect, you can benefit from this discount after paying your subscription. You will simply have to present the Pass'Sport to the club of your choice before the December 31, 2022 . And this, in order to benefit from the reduction of 50 euros.

A transfer from life insurance to a retirement savings plan

There is a way to do a transfer between your life insurance policy and your retirement savings plan. Indeed, the French government chose to facilitate this process. Nevertheless, there is a deadline for this process . Indeed, you only have until December 31, 2022 included to make the transfer. And that's not all ! Indeed, there are many other necessary conditions. Thus, you must have had your life insurance contract for more than 8 years and be more than 5 years from retirement. Remember that this transfer offers real interest. You will then be able to benefit from a tax advantage. Indeed, by making this transfer, the Pacte law promises you a tax advantage specific.

Unlock your employee savings before December 31, 2022

Finally, do not forget to release your employee savings before the December 31, 2022 . With the meteoric inflation that wreaked havoc on French territory , the government has decided to make some changes. Thus, employees can now unlock their employee savings. However, there is also a deadline for this process . You should therefore know that this system includes savings from participation and profit-sharing. However, after the deadline December 31, 2022 , you will no longer be able to perform this unlock.

You must then act before it is too late. The withdrawal of employee savings must be subject to one-time payment , but the payment must also not exceed the sum of 10,000 euros. As you know, the amounts released are not subject to social contributions, nor taxed. And once you have unlocked it, you still have to choose whether you want to invest or use the money in question. However, to do this, you must have taken the steps before the December 31, 2022 .

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