Delphine Wespiser: her new look is not unanimous among her fans

modified: 2022-12-31 22:04:02

For the Christmas party, Delphine Wespiser decided to share a dance on Instagram, but obviously that didn't happen anymore.

  Delphine Wespiser: her new look is not unanimous among her fans

Since the series Wednesday Addams was released on the Netflix streaming platform, it is talked about a lot. Inside, we discover Wednesday (in French), a teenager often dressed in black and sometimes with a little white . Her pale face and hardened features characterize her, as do her two pigtails and her bangs. But, in the series, a moment was much more talked about than the others. This is a girl dance . This dance has become a trend and many people lend themselves to it, including Delphine Wespiser. But that didn't seem to go down very well. We'll explaine everything here.

Delphine Wespiser, single

For Delphine Wespiser, the year 2022 did not seem easy. It must be said that the public is not unanimous about it. Whether for her sometimes sensitive remarks, her support for Marine Le Pen, or the superficial side that she seems clear. But fortunately, the young woman also has many fans, ready to defend her at all costs. . But, this year also seemed to mark the separation of his partner.

Indeed, Delphine Wespiser was able to share her life with Roger, the time of seven years. But, in the month of September, the latter announced her separation from him. Despite this difficult moment, the young woman remains fair play. She does not seem to blame him, and even on the contrary. So she prefers to thank him for these seven years shared. She even declared on Instagram that “ Thank you, thank you for everything. I wish you from the bottom of my heart the best for the continuation of the path where I will never be far ”. A beautiful message.

A new life

So, for Delphine Wespiser, it seems like a whole new life is offered to her as a young single woman. She seems to be enjoying her life. With his faithful companion, his dog. However, she seems determined to find love again. A story she posted therefore seems to cast doubt on her fans . You could see her at the restaurant one-on-one. On the other hand, it is impossible to know with whom or even the relationship that she may have with this mystery guest.

In any case, Delphine Wespiser does not let herself be defeated. That it remains by his separation or his notoriety sometimes difficult to manage. The young woman seems to continue living well. So she must have taken the time to watch the Wednesday Addams series, since she decides to take over one of the scenes. And yes, the young woman has decided to follow the trends by interpreting the dance of the series in her own way . But, to play this role, you have to be dressed all in black. On the other hand, it doesn't have much more.

His highly criticized recovery

Thus, to resume the dance of Jenna Ortega, the actress of Wednesday Addams, it was necessary to dress all in black. And as Delphine Wespiser is still a former beauty queen, she is very careful with her looks. However, the style she decided to take, and the clothes chosen are far from having more to her subscribers . And on top of that, the way she dances really doesn't matter either. Because beyond a dance, it remains a more abstract, stronger moment. So many emotions that she did not know how to convey. And in the comments, it shows.

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We can therefore read under the video of Delphine Wespiser's dance many raw comments. For example ' go take some lessons you're sorry ”, “ This choreography requires an interpretation . This is not the case. do to do, it is of no interest . You have to be totally in character. It was just for her, the opportunity to show her body. She is very skinny. Besides, everyone does it. There are amazing videos ”, “ But why do that???!!! ”, “ Poor girl, uninteresting ”. Others even find that her look remains very limited, even vulgar… A hard blow for the young woman.

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