Delphine Wespiser: the TPMP columnist announces very good news

modified: 2022-12-26 19:14:02

Delphine Wespiser is very involved in the animal cause. She went viral on Instagram shortly after the big news broke.

  Delphine Wespiser: the TPMP columnist announces very good news

Delphine Wespiser joined the columnists of Cyril Hanouna on 'Don't touch my post'. His favorite subjects are nature, animals and politics. She is as invested as Brigitte Bardot about ecology and the animal cause. This is what the Instagram account of the former Miss France testifies. Moreover, its publication of Friday, December 23 grabbed the attention of his fans . The details.

“How proud, I am again…”

This Friday, December 23, Delphine Wespiser announced incredible news to its subscribers. In an Instagram story where she poses in front of a Christmas tree, the beautiful brunette took a picture with a special document.

In legend, she shared excellent news that she couldn't keep to herself .

“What pride, I am once again godmother to 50,000 bees in Seine et Marne! I just joined 3Bee's 'sponsor a hive' program,” she says.

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To date, the former Miss France has just started sponsoring bees from a distance that come from a French hive. This is what the document she has in her hands, on the picture, describes.

Delphine Wespiser wants “Improve the quality of life of pollinators” . It is an action that she sees as an addition to the edifice of “the protection of biodiversity. »

A Christmas gift validated by Delphine Wespiser

For this activist environmentalist, it is a perfect opportunity to “follow the life of bees on a daily basis. For that, he just needs to open an app called 3Bee .

'From my smartphone, I can monitor the biological parameters of the bees,' she explains.

This tool allows you to receive photos and videos from the beekeeper .

Most of Delphine Wespiser's subscribers support her and are convinced that animals deserve respect . This is why she tells them that the beekeepers in question “also offer to offer sponsorship for Christmas. »

'It's a great idea for an eco-responsible gift for the holidays' that the TPMP columnist validates. In addition, “everything is done online. It's a good last minute idea. Especially for those who have not yet wrapped up all their presents,” she adds.

Another trophy to his name

In broad outline, Delphine Wespiser has developed the advantages it has obtained by participating in the program. In other words, this sponsorship allows:

  • To sponsor the hive for one year.
  • Access the 3Bee educational application “to monitor your bees”.
  • To receive a personalized sponsorship certificate.
  • Obtain quality honey from the beekeeper.

It is therefore a very interesting return on investment for those who want to support bees like Delphine Wespiser. To embark on the adventure, just go to .

The 30-year-old diva specifies that this platform will allow you in just 'a few clicks', to « choose a beekeeper near you '. It even gives you the option to select the hive yourself as well as the type of honey you want .

That said, the website offers many sponsorship programs that you can integrate “from 20 € per year”.

' It's that simple ! concluded the former beauty queen, very passionate about this new discovery.

Delphine Wespiser: a project in accordance with its principles

Delphine Wespiser demonstrates a great passion for animal causes . She has the gift of surprising her community with the originality of his ideas to protect animals .

Currently, bees are threatened by pollution and chemicals . At one point or another, the young woman was going to act.

Obviously, the columnist of TPMP is happy to participate in this program . It's his way of changing the world in his own way, on social networks where it can reach more than 563,000 subscribers .

She began her fight since her early childhood, at 4 years old precisely. On the set of TPMP, the young woman of 30 years, confessed that she no longer ate meat . Her choice to become a vegetarian has often been criticized. But that matters little to this fighter. If necessary, she intends to fight all her life to protect animals .

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