Delphine Wespiser: this unexpected proposal that the columnist received from a rich man

modified: 2023-01-21 12:08:02

The former Miss France Delphine Wespiser, who has become a columnist, has returned under a troubling misfortune.

  Delphine Wespiser: this unexpected proposal that the columnist received from a rich man

In Do not touch My TV , the columnists discuss current affairs as much as their personal stories . On the set, the clashes follow one another and the small confidences too. This Thursday, January 19, it's Delphine Wespiser who told a rather strange story. Thus, she revealed a misadventure experienced in her youth. And on the set of C8 , the rest of the team had a hard time hiding their surprise. Here in detail, the shock testimony of the pretty columnist .

Delphine Wespiser facing inappropriate advances

The life of Miss France looks idyllic on paper. But in reality, these young women also put up with a lot while wearing the scarf. Gold Delphine Wespiser was no exception to the rule . On the set of TPMP, she thus reported a rather embarrassing story, which occurred a few years ago. “A wealthy industrialist of a very certain age really offered me very explicitly to give me a lot, a lot, a lot of money. »

However, according to the columnist, the man in question was around 80 years old . On his side, Matthew Delormeau wanted to know the exact amount of the proposed sum. » If you don't give a price, the anecdote has no meaning! » A rather indelicate question, to which Delphine Wespiser did not wish to respond . 'There wasn't really a sum. He made me understand that he was really going to put me on very, very well. »

However, she revealed an additional detail. Indeed, the old gentleman would also have made another proposal. Thus, he said to himself ready to marry the young woman .

However, this revelation intrigued Cyril Hanouna a lot , rather shocked by this story. The host therefore decided to push the investigations a little further. ' He wanted to have sex? » A assumption immediately confirmed by Delphine Wespiser. ' Ah yes, that was why. I told him that I don't eat that bread

The columnist, approached by a fetishist

It turns out that the young woman is not so lucky in her relationships with men. Thus, in 2019, Delphine Wespiser received strange messages, on Facebook . This time, it was an admirer, with a rather unusual request. According to her, this is what he wrote to her. “Being of a fetish nature, I would have liked to know if you could send me a picture of your feet. And would it be possible to also receive a simple pair of socks that you wore? »

Here again, Delphine Wespiser showed firmness , and refused the request of his interlocutor. But all these problems did not affect the good mood of the young columnist. It must be said that for many years, she has been used to exercising professions related to her image.

Well that cella n'excuse in rien the inappropriate words of these men , Delphine Wespiser has undoubtedly experienced many other similar situations. And she often plays the game of secrets about his personal life, in the program . Enough to satisfy the boundless curiosity of the public. 'I like to watch romance movies and recently I watched a movie that really moved me. It's called 365 days. He is just amazing! »

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