Delphine Wespiser (TPMP): what she hates the most in a man

modified: 2023-01-16 22:08:02

On January 12, 2023, on the set of TPMP, the columnists spoke of their love killer. Discover Delphine Wespiser's answer.

  Delphine Wespiser (TPMP): what'elle déteste le plus chez un homme

It was not the first time! Indeed, on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, the games have become almost the daily newspapers of the columnists . In the head ? It is obviously Cyril Hanouna. The facilitator always finds de quoi divertir le public et ses acolytes . So, on January 12, 2023, he launched a question to its columnists : what is their worst love-killer. If the answers of the majority were classic, that of Delphine Wespiser caused a giggle on set .

Delphine Wespiser: her surprising response

For this meeting, Cyril Hanouna did not talk about politics, but rather about the intimate life of its chroniclers . Faced with the question 'what is your worst love killer?' », Matthieu Delormeau was the first to answer .

For him, the characteristic that makes him run away in a relationship is lack of intelligence and conversation . He is then on a bad experience he had . With his partner at the time, Matthieu Delormeau was away for a weekend during which he was bored.

His answer seems classic to say the least. , which is not the case of Delphine Wespiser . The worst kills the latter's love?

'Me, it's when a man can't sing and can't dance,' she confessed live.

Under the laughter of the public, she threw more :

“When he doesn’t have the rhythm, it disgusts me. I love partying. When the person does not have the rhythm, it does not go. Because somewhere, in dance, it can be compared to another rhythm. To the rhythm of love. »

The love life of Delphine Wespiser

Besides the public, Cyril Hanouna was also the first amused by the response by Delphine Wespiser. The host of “Touche pas à mon poste” particularly likes follow the love life of his columnist .

Indeed, in September 2022, Delphine Wespiser surprised more than one by announcing his breakup with Roger , after seven years of relationship. On social networks, the couple never ceased to show their respective love , yet this time they said goodbye.

A break that took place amicably to see the message of love from the former Miss France with regard to her former companion.

“I wish you all to live a story like the one my beautiful star gave me by making me meet my solar love. A love story against all odds that will embrace my heart and soul forever. Thank you, thank you for everything. I wish you from the bottom of my heart the best for the continuation of the path where I will never be far. Ciao Amore,” she wrote.

For his part, Roger shared a story to give an update . On September 28, 2022, the day after Delphine Wespiser's post, he published a nice photo obviously taken at the florist. In the photo in question, there were several varieties of bouquets .

In legend, Roger indicates 'life goes on', namely 'life goes on' in French, with a winking smiley. A way for him to definitely turn the page .

Responses from other columnists

To return to the issue of January 12, 2023, after Delphine Wespiser made known her worst love killer, she left the floor to her comrades to share, in turn, what drives them away in a relationship .

Valérie Benaïm explained that she couldn't stand the stinginess . That's not all ! She also confessed that lack of hygiene is a problem for Cyril Hanouna's friend.

Beatrice Rosen and Geraldine Maillet joined Valérie Bénaïm on the point of hygiene . The companion of Daniel Riolo even went even further on the details. According to her, she does not appreciate dirty nails as well as people who bite their toenails .

A response that gave the gift of laughter on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” . What is certain is that the public is not bored in the show. Not only are they having a good time, but they also get to know the columnists every day.

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