Denis Brogniart: his opinion without filters on the broadcast of Koh-Lanta on Tuesday evening

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On January 3, 2023, Denis Brogniart agreed to give an interview to TV Mag. He gave his opinion on the broadcast of “Koh-Lanta”.

  Denis Brogniart: his opinion without filters on the broadcast of Koh-Lanta on Tuesday evening

For those who do not know, the show 'Koh-Lanta' no longer broadcast on Friday , and has been for a year and a half. Indeed, TF1 made the heavy decision to broadcast it on Tuesdays instead of Friday. During his interview with TV Mag, Denis Brogniart reconsidered this decision .

« Koh-Lanta », spread the word: the raison

The new season of 'Koh-Lanta' hosted by Denis Brogniart entitled 'Koh-Lanta: The cursed totem', has already had its share of controversy . As a reminder, at the beginning of February 2022, 'Le Canard enchaîné' revealed that one of its candidates was charged with manslaughter .

Another point that makes viewers cringe: like the previous season of Denis Brogniart's show, the TF1 channel chose to air the show on Tuesday nights , instead of the traditional Friday. Why this choice ?

The producer of the show, Alexandra Laroche-Joubert, had already justified itself on this subject in August 2021 :

“TF1 knows the power of the Koh Lanta brand to exceptionally change the box and the habits of viewers”

She then confessed:

“I told them [à TF1] that if there was a program that could face a change of box, because we have been on the Friday box for twenty years, it was precisely this anniversary series. . »

This penultimate season, entitled 'La Légende', saw the return of former stars of the program , and is considered attractive enough to attract midweek viewers .

The same strategy has obviously been adopted for this new season . During the press conference of its launch, followed by Purebreak, Alexia Laroche-Joubert explained :

“It’s easier for program continuity. »

The fans, unhappy

TF1's decision to continue broadcasting Koh-Lanta on Tuesday does not pass to certain Internet users . On Twitter, there are many to express their displeasure .

“Tuesday evening lost in advance, the audiences will fall again”, “Tuesday evening, again. I pass my turn, especially after the fiasco of last year 'or' Why did you change, the day of the broadcast of Koh-Lanta, from Friday to Tuesday? Tuesday being a day in the middle of the week, we don't have time to watch this show, because we should rest to be in shape on Wednesday. Friday was the best day since it's the start of the weekend. »

The reaction of Denis Brogniart

During his interview with TV Mag, Denis Brogniart gave his opinion on the matter . The host then confessed, saying:

“There are Friday followers, Tuesday followers! »

Candidly, he confessed:

'A few days ago, someone said to me: 'Ah me, on Friday, I go out and I'm super happy that it's now Tuesday'. You also have a much more free consumption, with the replay which works very, very strongly at more than a million on Koh-Lanta over the previous season. Take a good look at Tuesday night's scores, in terms of market share, they are excellent. It is a success to put Koh-Lanta on Tuesday! »

Nevertheless, he is aware that some families used to watch the game show on Friday nights .

'It's always difficult to change, to shake up habits,' he said.

The confidences of Denis Brogniart

Denis Brogniart explained that he liked to watch “Koh-Lanta” on Tuesday evenings , unlike his children.

'At one point, they were like, 'Fridays were fun too. We can't satisfy everyone […] Koh-Lanta, whether it's Tuesday or Friday, so far it's been a success. »

During this interview, the host also announced a new “surprising” season of “Koh Lanta”. Denis Brogniart said:

“We will be at the foot of a magnificent volcano in an area of ​​the Philippines. We are in an incredible place, the Caramoan Peninsula. Once you are in Manila, you still have two hours by plane and then five hours by road! »

The broadcast date of the new season is still unrecognizable . On the other hand, Denis Brogniart promised viewers that the strategy will regain its acclaim.

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