Denis Brogniart: the presenter of Koh-Lanta takes advantage of his racing car in the forest

modified: 2023-01-25 16:02:02

In recent days, Denis Brogniart has angered Internet users by highlighting a Nissan brand vehicle on Instagram.

  Denis Brogniart: the presenter of Koh-Lanta takes advantage of his racing car in the forest

For almost 20 years, Denis Brogniart animates Koh-Lanta , one of the most watched reality shows on TF1. Between self-transcendence and idyllic settings, this program puts nature in the spotlight. Passionate about sports and the great outdoors, the host does not hide his love of cars either. Thus, he often presented programs dealing with the subject, such as Automoto . However, the publication he put online, as part of his partnership with Nissan . On Instagram, some of its subscribers did not hesitate to express their disappointment . We take stock of this flop that has taken place in recent days, on social networks.

Denis Brogniart: the post that set fire to the powder

Like many personalities these days, the presenter acts as an ambassador for a major brand . Given these areas of interest, he therefore entered into a partnership with the manufacturer Nissan. Also, on January 15, Denis Brogniart did not hesitate to reveal his new favorite vehicle .

On a snapshot, posted via Instagram, we can see the host, posing, all smiles, in front of a 4×4 , parked in the forest. He accompanied this photo with a caption, full of praise for the vehicle. Almost like spring weather on this Sunday to enjoy my Nissan X-TRAIL e-Power in the forest! A hybrid vehicle that does not recharge! »

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Moreover, Denis Brogniart did not fail to mention Nissan. And, once again, he assumed the role of ambassador he plays for this firm . A staging that greatly displeased internet users…

Bitter reactions in the comment space

If the car manufacturer wanted to restore its image thanks to Denis Brogniart, the operation seems to have failed. In effect, while the host has a lot of admirers, some have expressed disappointment against this publication. “We discussed in Talloires and it was interesting, your book on war wounded is frankly not bad. But there... You're lowering my esteem. The forest doesn't deserve this...'

Indeed, according to these Instagram users, Denis Brogniart goes too far. by becoming an influencer on behalf of Nissan. 'You don't think you're earning enough, to do carpet sales for Nissan, a car you didn't pay for and could have afforded 1000 times over. » Of course, other subscribers of the host tried to come to his defense. “Your way of thinking is very French. “Successful” networks and personalities should inspire people rather than incite jealousy. »

But in addition to the financial aspect, Denis Brogniart above all aroused indignation, because of his supposed lack of ethics . Thus, some criticize him for boasting a vehicle, which does not really turn out to be ecological . » I prefer my Origine Trail gravel bike for rides in the forest lol. Too polluting this Nissan Trail. »

Finally, other commentators believe that he did not play fair, indicating that it was a no sponsored post . 'And where is the mention of the paid partnership?' » An oversight that Denis Brogniart has obviously corrected, by modifying the caption of the photo a few days later .

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