Diane Leyre comes out of silence: she admits having 'cheated' before Miss France!

modified: 2022-10-01 14:17:02

Diane Leyre: What was this revelation that she released! It seems that she was very smart in high school! New confessions!

  Diana Leyre

Diane Leyre made a revelation in a radio show. She spoke on September 30. Shamelessly, the beauty queen confessed to Guillaume Genton and the audience of her dishonest actions when she was in high school! An unexpected confession . If you wanted to know all about this unexpected confession , we invite you to follow this edition to the end!

Diane Leyre: Her many commitments!

The new Miss Provence of France, Diane Leyre has become the darling of the French. The beauty queen participated in the competition of Miss France 2022 September 17 in Châteauroux .

On expectation of this new coronation, she increased her responsibilities and focused on the most important ones. How to discover the new regional Misses , visit the Amazon and go in the south of France .

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However, like all the former Misses before her, Diane Leyre is aware that her adventure in Miss France would only be a boost to propel his career. And of course ! The beauty queen will expand her journey towards new horizons.

According to some sources, the Queen of beauty would seem to enjoy being in the spotlight. She wants to get into the media.

She wants to be an animator!

Apart from her beauty, Diane Leyre is also a very young woman. talented . The beauty queen is very eloquent and passionate in the telling of stories .

This is the reason why the Miss Provence has embarked on the radio . In fact, she has joined the show the morning of Virgin Radio and became the program's columnist.

As its name suggests, The Morning without filter, this show is ideal for indulging without embarrassment . It is hosted by Guillaume Genton and on September 21, Diane Leyre returned to her breakup with her boyfriend.

She said she found quite a disturbing message in the telephone of the last. A text saying that a third person is even better than the beauty. An SMS that was written by his former companion . And recently, she also confessed another story of her life.

Diane Leyre: The champion of cheating!

During her radio show, on September 30, Diane Leyre told yet another defining moment of her life. The young woman confessed that she had already cheated in high school , she has her own ways of doing it.

The beauty star then confessed that she enjoyed fooling around with premeditation . First, she asks her comrade class to let her copy her control sheet.

Then, even if the latter refused to cede her duty to him , Diane Leyre took it from her and put it on her table. And when the teacher asked her comrade her sheet, the young woman just played the innocent saying that she had confused her friend's sheet as her draft.

And finally, the beauty queen apologized and returned the examination sheet of his table neighbor. One thing not to do in class! Quite new secrets coming from Diane Leyre but which made him relive memories in any case.

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