Digital vital card: will the old one still be valid?

modified: 2023-01-12 10:46:02

After several tests, the executive finally wants to deploy the digital vital card throughout France. Is the use of the old one possible?

  Digital vital card: will the old one still be valid?

The State is continuing to digitize public services. Since the identity card has gone digital , it is now the turn of the digital vital card. The objective is to optimize exchanges between health professionals and policyholders. Its deployment in France is provided for by a decree of December 28, 2022, which entered into force on January 1, 2023 . The use of the old vital card so is it obsolete? We tell you everything in this article.

Is its use mandatory?

Since 2019, the Rhône, the Alpes-Maritimes, the Bas-Rhin, the Loire-Atlantique, and other territories of France have tested the digital vital card . The government aims to generalize its use in 2023.

A decree of December 28 plans to roll out this year and for it to be globally functional throughout the country, from 2026. This government text therefore does not force policyholders to give up the vital card physical for its dematerialized version.

That said, using the old green card is still allowed . For now, the vital letter digital stands as an alternative and not an obligation. Individuals who are not comfortable with new technologies, such as the elderly, can therefore be reassured .

Why use the digital vital card?

Health Insurance claims that the digital vital card and its mobile application, have the same features as its physical version . However, this dematerialized model offers more advantages.

The digital format makes it possible to rule out the frequent omissions observed with the use of the physical card. Indeed, most patients almost never separate from their smartphone so the problem is quickly settled .

In addition, errors and rejections of invoices are reduced given that access to the ADRI law service is automatic. Care sheets are also more reliable and secure .

The significant positive point of the digital vital card is the reduction of the risk of contamination between the doctor and the patients . By avoiding the physical exchange of the vital card, many diseases such as COVID-19 will be warded off.

How does the new digital vital work?

To use the digital card, the French just need to download the app 'apCV' . The app is available on Android and iOS. As a first step, the holder will have to pass a digital verification of their identity. its user must in particular communicate :

  • His NIR (social security number),
  • An up-to-date and valid identity document (an identity card, a passport or a residence permit),
  • A professional email address
  • A selfie to activate facial recognition and see the compatibility between the ID photo and the new user.

Then he will have to provide a four-digit PIN code. This last all you have to do is enter this code when he has to go to a pharmacy or a health professional.

The new digital card is easy to use . To pay the costs of his consultation, the patient can:

  • Use the QR Code in the vital card application. With this in mind, the healthcare professional will just have to scan this code to access the patient's information.
  • Use an NFC-enabled reader on which he will place the smartphone . It will therefore be a form of contactless payment.

The delegation of the digital vital card remains possible

The digital vital card collects the essential information of the holder . It contains in particular data on the identity of the latter, the period of validity of his card, his address and heirs .

The public service site points out that 'the insured holder can delegate the use of the services linked to his application to a person of his choice, himself the holder of the application, for a maximum period of thirty days'.

These rights holders will thus be able Reimburse acts and services of the holder of the vital card. The vital card application also opens up access to other services, such as Ameli. So you can also track all these refunds on the e-card .

Then in case of loss or theft of the smartphone that contained the card, the insured must declare this fact immediately to the health insurance . The latter will find a solution, given that it has access to the data of each holder.

Source : C news