Disability pensions: disabled employees risk losing it because they work too much

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For lack of having worked too much, thousands of employees risk losing their disability pension. They therefore seized the Council of State.

  Pensions d'invalidité : des salariés handicapés risquent de la perdre car ils travaillent trop

A whole category of employees is rising up, because they risk losing their disability pension . They are hundreds to mobilize on Facebook. The National Federation of Injured Workers and the Disabled even seized the Council of State via an association .

Don't work too much, don't earn too much

Since last February, disabled or sick people can accumulate income from their work , part-time and their disability pension. It is thanks to a decree aimed at allowing people with chronic illnesses or disabilities to find the path to activity . And working part-time.

This decree, however, sets a limit: you should neither work too much nor earn too much . Otherwise, you risk losing your disability pension. The combination of pension and earned income must not exceed the social security ceiling. revenue like what you earn by working 60% or 80% of the time .

This ceiling corresponds almost to 44,000 euros gross per year, or 2,750 euros net per month. It is a disposable income that can be reached very quickly if you are a middle manager, or a fortiori, a senior manager.

That said, for a whole category of employees, it is not interesting to return to work. This, while this approach is healthy for them . Estimates put the number of people affected at 8,000.

Disability pension: the FNATH takes over the file

And that's not all. For many executives, receiving a disability pension allows them to receive what is called providence. This is an insurance system that the employer has put in place.
The amount of this provision often exceeds that of the pension alone . However, if the invalidity pension is abolished, most of the time, the pension ceases to be paid. The double penalty therefore.

On Facebook, in order to attract attention, they formed a group of disabled workers . This group has about 400 members. But still, the National Federation of Injured Workers and the Disabled (FNATH) has taken up the case.

A few days ago, she filed an appeal with the Council of State. The FNATH denounces the 'dramatic situations' of people who lose a large part of their income overnight . Those who, for example, can no longer pay the repayments of their mortgage.

The testimony of a victim

Florence is one of the victims of the suspension of the invalidity pension. According to his words, the suspension of his pension was made ' without any notice or letter from CRAMIF ' . According to her, the disability pension calculator is suspended.

As of January 30, 2023, it is still not updated. This situation is for Florence ' anxiogenic and totally discriminatory ' . A large French company also faces this problem. One of his employees is in his fifties. To compensate for any losses of the latter and avoid his resignation, the company plans to open a 'punctual aid fund' .

Testimonies are flowing everywhere. The National Federation of Injured Workers and the Disabled denounces 'dramatic situations' and has taken up the case (see above). There is also that of 'Forgotten from the 2022-257 reform' grouped together in a group on Facebook (see above).

Invalidity pension: assets with very good incomes

According to some health insurance funds, these well off people had very good incomes and they had nothing to complain about . To which FNATH replied:

' they didn't steal it, they paid social security contributions for it up to their salary '.

It seems that the bill did not consider the fact that one could be on disability and continue to work earning a good living . Obviously, the legislator had not thought of this hole in the racket... or else, he voluntarily ousted it...

Some pensioners are asked for undue payments by their health insurance fund. What is the reason ? The contours of this measure in December 2022 . However, the decree sets its entry into force on April 1, 2022.

That said, some funds have therefore retained this date for the new calculation , with retroactive effect. Indeed, these funds claim from the pensioners concerned the reimbursement of overpayments over the past few months.

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