Disability: what will change in 2023 for people with disabilities

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In France, people with disabilities can rely on different devices. But some will evolve this year.

  Disability: what will change in 2023 for people with disabilities

Disability concerns 12 million people in our country . It can be a limitation of movement or movement. But it also includes visually or hearing impaired people . Each person can come face to face with debilitating illnesses or injuries. In an attempt to facilitate the daily life of all the citizens concerned, the State offers several measures. But like the best policies are obtained over time , these measures will change in 2023. Amount of benefits, deconjugalization Here are the important changes planned this year and about disability.

THE AJPA and the AJPP are on the rise

These two schemes are aimed at relatives of people with disabilities. Indeed, when a person puts aside his professional activity to help a spouse or loved one, he can claim the AJPA . Clearly, this is the daily caregiver allowance.

If you put your career on hold to help your child with a disability, you can get the AJPP . This daily allowance is intended solely for parental presence. Since the first of January, the amount of the AJPP as of the AJPA has may have seen an increase . This aid thus goes from 58.59 to 62.44 euros net per day. This change comes from the rising cost of labor on the home help side . Indeed, the latter rose by 7.36%.

Disability: the deconjugalization of the AAH, finally scheduled for 2023

For years, many associations have been fighting for people with disabilities to have more autonomy. However, this point, a detail, caused a lot of tension with the government . This is the calculation of the AAH , which always takes the spouse's income into account. In some cases, dramatic situations deprived beneficiaries with disabilities of all freedom.

In 2021, the blocked vote had sown anger among the associations. APF had also taken the President to task , by means of an official letter. “This vote is a serious violation of our fundamental rights. Persons with disabilities living as a couple cannot live their entire lives in total financial dependence on their spouse, cohabiting partner or PACS partner. For several months, many people have testified to the human indignity of their situation. (…) Mr President of the Republic, together with our members, we would like to inform you of our determination to ensure that the resources of the spouse are no longer taken into account in the calculation of the AAH. »

A request finally granted . From autumn 2023, people with disabilities will be able to apply for AAH individually. The CAF and the MSA will no longer take into account the income of spouses and spouses.

Increase in disability pensions

Faced with the galloping inflation that has raged in recent months, many social benefits have been revalued. In the case of the invalidity pension, we note an increase of 0.8% in January. As a reminder, it had already experienced a 4% increase in July 2022.

Other good news for workers with disabilities: the rules for combining employment/disability pensions will become more flexible. This means that those compensated can pursue a part-time professional activity . Better: this measure adopted in December 2022 has retroactive effects until last April. A big boost, while prices keep climbing!

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