Disabled adult allowance: an increase in 2023, the planned estimates

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In January 2023, many social aids saw their amount increase. What about the disabled adult allowance?

  Disabled adult allowance: an increase in 2023, the planned estimates

In France, people with a disability can count the AAH. The CAF and the MSA are responsible for paying disabled adult allowance to the beneficiaries who are entitled to it. However, since January 1, 2023, the minimum wage, pensions and certain social benefits have increased. The goal? Lend a hand to French people largely weakened by the crisis and the increase in prices . In this context, people who receive AAH will soon be able to count on a higher amount. But when will this change take place?

Disabled adult allowance: a boost in 2022 and 2023

In the face of galloping inflation, the State had to take measures to support the purchasing power of the French . Thus, from the summer of 2022, AHA increased by 4% . But this change was not a gift. Rather, it was an advance, in anticipation of the overall price increase . Energy, food, raw materials… The bill has exploded in many sectors. And inflation does not seem ready to stop .

Thus, the pension rose by 0.8% in January. And the disabled adult allowance also goes see its amount inflate in the year 2023 . However, this increase will only take place in April. Indeed, this period of the year corresponds to the revaluation of the aid paid by the CAF. The RSA, the activity bonus or family allowances will therefore know increase in 3 months .

For now, we do not yet know how much will be the increase in the disabled adult allowance . It all depends on the inflation curve. If it continues on its way, it could represent a significant development for this service , from April 2023. That said, experts estimate that this revaluation could reach 1.7%. But where does this number come from?

In 2021, inflation was around 0.1% in January , resulting in an increase of 0.1% in April. In 2022, prices rose by 1.8%, so beneficiaries saw the disabled adult allowance increase by 1.8%. However, in January 2023, inflation reaches 5.7% . We could therefore expect to see an increase of 5.7%. However, as mentioned above, AAH has already undergone a 4% increase this summer . Which leaves us with this figure: 1.7%. Beneficiaries should therefore feel the difference from May 5, 2023.

The déconjugalisation of l'AAH

Long demanded by disability organizations , this new method of calculation will come into effect from October 2023. In June 2021, the APF had even sent a public letter to the President of the Republic. 'People with disabilities living as a couple cannot live their whole lives in total financial dependence on their spouse, cohabiting partner or PACS partner. For several months, many people have testified to the human indignity of their situation. »

Deconjugation of the disabled adult allowance risk of changing the lives of thousands of beneficiaries. Indeed, if the calculation no longer takes into account the income of the spouses, some will see their pension increase from 100 to 300 euros . One more step, to allow more autonomy to people with disabilities. This change in the computing world is gradually concern all new requests for AAH .

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