Discount: after Action and Gifi, new brands are arriving

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3 discount brands will set up in France. They offer much more attractive prices than current stores. The details.


Faced with rising prices, consumers increasingly do their shopping in discount stores . Thus, since inflation, Aldi, Lidl and Netto have seen their turnover increase. Like the market is conducive to large distributions , 3 other establishments are planning to enter France this year. These are Atacadão, Right now and of TEDI . How interesting are they? Find out the answer in the next lines.

Attack: the Brazilian version of Carrefour

Atacadão of the Carrefour group is a huge success in Brazil .

“We are going to import Atacadao to France. It is an anti-crisis solution that we owe to our customers, ”we can on the personal Twitter account of the general manager of Carrefour, Alexandre Bompard.

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The first store will open its doors next fall in Île-de-France . This Brazilian discount giant has adopted the same concept as Costco. It spans hundreds of outlet stores. In these, the references are sold in boxes, pallets or bags of 5 kg .

After calculation, the purchase of these goods in large volumes offers excellent performance . Individuals and professionals will be able to save money on hygiene products , in riz, in sodas, etc.

The prices offered by the brand are 10% or even 15% cheaper than conventional supermarkets and hypermarkets. In return, she never does promotions on these items .

in revenge, you will only find 9,000 product references there when they are more than 40,000 in other stores . You will still find the essentials.

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TEDi, the German discount for better savings

TEDi is a popular discount among our European neighbors. The discount is already present in Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, Poland, Portugal , etc. It is a potential competitor to the low-cost Landerneau.

The brand offers the attractive concept of “Everything at 1 €”. This idea is inspired by the famous Dollar Tree in the United States where all items sell for 1 dollar .

TEDi was founded by the great German distribution brand, Tengelmann. 20 years after its creation, he is still a huge success .

Consumers love to stroll through the 650 m² of stores where 15,000 references are available. In addition, they sell everything, including confectionery, toys, decorative items, cleaning and hygiene products, etc.

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With such competitive prices, the majority of products come from Asia . So you can fill your basket even during the skyrocketing cost of living. In the spring, the company intends to set up in Évreux (27) . Then he will settle in the coming months in the North and West of the country.

Toujust, a discount to deal with the crisis

Since the decline in purchasing power, more consumers are standing towards Right now . Its motto “The right products at the right price” summarizes the institution's policy . The brand plans to set up in around fifty cities by December 2023. After 4 or 5 years, the discount brand has the ambition to deploy more than 310 Toujust stores .

The discount wants to offer products at knockdown prices for the consumer and at the same time a good source of income for producers . The concept was developed by Fabrice Gerber, former manager of Leclerc, Aldi and Système U.

His impressive experience in the professional world allowed him to develop an economic model with low-cost items .

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“Our strategy to be 10% cheaper is to cut out the middlemen,” he said on his Twitter account.

To do this, it relies on more than 7,000 references on the shelves, 80% of which are devoted to food. The participation of producers represents 25% if capital of the establishment . Of these, at least 15% of local producers contribute.

The first discount store will be located in Alès, in the Gard, from the beginning of March . Then it will extend to Arbent-Oyonnax (01), Cambrai (59), Lempdes (63), Lens (62), Moneteau (89), Montauban (82), Terrasson (24), Saint Maur (36) and Saint Quentin (02).

Source : The Telegram

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