Discover the worst breakfast cereals and snack cookies, according to 60 Million consumers!

modified: 2022-10-02 01:01:02

For years, 60 million consumers have been alerting the French to the most harmful products.

  60 million consumers

Many popular snacks these days have no health benefits. our health . Sucre , fats, processed foods: what we eat can often be a problem. To help us see more clearly, there are, however, committed media and associations! Among them, 60 million consumers has become a reference. This magazine has existed since 1970. And lately it has decided to pass cookies and cereal sift!

Cereals that are too sweet: the false friends of breakfast

For decades, children are crazy about cereals the morning. Immersed in a bowl and covered with milk, these sweets are part of our daily . Besides, adults also eat a lot. But some brands have impacts harmful to our health. 60 million consumers therefore cited two products: Frosties and Trésor Kellog’s.

These foods include too much sugar . This high glycemic index has several long-term effects. Thus, by often consuming these cereals, individuals expose themselves overweight or type 2 diabetes . According to 60 million consumers, these products mainly provide sugar. Yet, advertisements often tout 'full energy.' This promise is therefore rather far from reality.

However, there are good alternatives . Thus, on the side cereal muesli , the situation remains less gloomy. 60 million consumers reveals that their glycemic index is much healthier than that of sugary cereals (20 against 30).
Nevertheless, it is worth choosing muesli rich in fiber , and containing fruit. Recipes based on refined cereals and chocolate do not have the same virtues at all.

According to 60 million consumers, you can turn to products Bjorg ou Gerblé . On the other hand, you should avoid the brand's 'Chocolate Rice and Quinoa' cereal. Ethical .

60 million consumers warn about snack biscuits

Very often, children like to take sweet and chocolate cakes during snack time . Among adults, cookies and chocolate bars are also very popular. during a coffee break . And yet 60 million consumers warn the public against these products! And for good reason, some have nothing i got !

The magazine denounced biscuits that are too sweet! Particularly snacks coated or filled with chocolate . Among the foods pinned by 60 million consumers, we find Kinder Delights . But other cakes like Doodingues, sold at almost, also contain too much sugar.

Moreover, at snack time, salt and fat are also part of the ingredients. As such, 60 million consumers cite Milka's Choco Pépites or Lu's Granola .

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Finally, the magazine also discusses the dangers of certain additives present in cookies. This aspect is therefore found in the Fondant Heart Strawberry Snack ( E. Leclerc ) or Lulu the Pooh . The latter contains nearly 9 additives

Here again, 60 million consumers also offers you other options . If you like to treat yourself, the collective advises you to opt for the soft chocolate and nuts, from the Gerblé brand . Indeed, this cake contains only 6.5 g of sugar per serving. what to enjoy, without feeling guilty !