Discover these 14 foods that should never be eaten raw!

modified: 2022-09-29 17:44:02

To be healthy, foods that cannot be eaten raw must be well cooked. At risk of contracting diseases


There are certain foods that are eaten raw. Examples include tartars and raw vegetables. On the other hand, other foods must absolutely be cooked before being consumed. The latter, if not cooked, can indeed have bad consequences on health.

Monitor food thus ensure health

Health is a delicate subject. In this context, the slightest error can cost you a few days or even weeks. According to food professionals, different rules must be followed in order to guarantee the health of consumers. Remember that infections caused by a bad nutrition can be of different forms and can occur at any time.

Take as an example the salmonellose, listeria or toxoplasmosis . Thus, it is necessary to watch your food carefully while respecting the rules of hygiene. These include cleaning kitchen utensils, including the knife you cut the meat with and the cutting board.

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This must be done each time you change foods to prepare. You must also strictly follow the cooking time recommended on the packaging. When cooking, do not use a dirty pan. Wash it every time. Also clean your hands before to cook and after. For food preservation, you need to do it according to the type of product.

Indeed, there are those that can stay in the cupboard, those that must be placed in the refrigerator and those that must be frozen. Apart from the question of expiration date and conservation, it is also necessary to take into account the cooking of the food. Especially those that cannot be eaten raw.

Which products cannot be eaten raw?

Some foods need to be cooked before they are eaten. Let us first mention the potatoes . These basic products of the French diet cannot be consumed raw. However, you can cook in many ways: sautéed, boiled, fried or au gratin. As a reminder, these products contain solanine, a molecule that is very irritating to the digestive system. This can therefore lead to constipation, diarrhea and vomiting due to lack of cooking.

It should be noted that potatoes that are provided with green spots are the most dangerous eaten raw. Solanine is also present in aubergine . Fortunately, this component degrades during cooking. Cooked foods are therefore safe. For the unripe tomatoes , consumption can lead in the worst cases to poisoning due to the toxin they contain. However, they are edible once cooked.

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Also, if you want to eat it raw, for example in your salads, choose ripe tomatoes. Side meats , although some foods can be eaten, chicken is not. The flesh indeed contains bacteria which disappear only after cooking. In other words, it is strongly advised not to eat chicken tartars and carpaccio.

For the seafood , the parasites contained in raw fish can create intestinal disorders. So, do not eat it, unless the sushi is prepared by a raw food expert. Also, if you absolutely must eat it, pass it to the freezer for at least a day.

What about other foods?

Just like the chickens , the meat of pigs also cannot be eaten raw. They contain bacteria. As for turkeys, raw meat contains tapeworms or salmonella. Who would want to eat it raw? This is also the case for minced meat. In short, the consumption uncooked food is dangerous to health.

Without taking into account the bacteria they already contain, parasites come to complete the list each time the blade of the knife passes. These then scatter throughout the minced meat. Thus, those who consume these raw foods are exposed to more than risks of intoxication. You also need to cook the plain flour before eating it. This product may cause indigestion since it contains Escherichia coli .