Disneyland Paris: this emblematic place is closing its doors very soon

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Several locations at Disneyland Paris will be permanently closed next year. You only have a few days left to enjoy it.

  Disneyland Paris: this emblematic place is closing its doors very soon

For passionate children and adults, taking a trip to Disneyland Paris is a unique experience . The year 2023 will bring something new for the amusement park. You can reassure yourself, it is not the park that will close .

In a few days, visitors to the park will no longer be able to go to one of the most emblematic places of Disneyland Paris . Find out which places will definitely close their doors next year .

Renewal at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris needs to improve with new features to attract the most visitors . This summer, for example, the park located in Chessy, in Seine-et-Marne unveiled the Avengers Campus. This new area is dedicated to the Marvel universe .

Visitors can find new attractions such as the 'Avengers Assemble: Flight Force' which replaces the Rock'n'Roller. Disneyland Paris also thrilled Spider-Man fans with the “Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure » in the Avengers Campus.

Disneyland Paris plans big changes in the Disney Village . The park is planning a renovation to make room for new spaces. This means that many of Disneyland Paris' iconic locations of which your favorite restaurants will be deleted in 202 3.

Café Mickey, which was located near Disney's Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, will no longer open its doors. The establishment which recalled the most famous character of Walt Disney in all its corners will give way to a brewery. This new gourmet address called Rosalie, should offer traditional French cuisine .

It could also be that the Rainforest Café be affected by this Disneyland Paris renovation project . Some outdoor facilities have recently been removed . However, the group has not yet officially announced the permanent closure of the establishment, which is reminiscent of the jungle.

Removal of several restaurants

Disneyland Paris opened its doors on April 12, 1992 and after 30 years of opening, the park wants to renew itself. This summer, the group announced the closure of “Planet Hollywood” .

A new restaurant will replace the place where visitors could immerse themselves in the setting of famous Hollywood films . The news saddened netizens who used to sample the restaurant's quintessentially American menu.

Planet Hollywood also offers a special menu for gluten intolerant people. People with food allergies could also enjoy this restaurant during his visit to Disneyland Paris.

You only have a few days left to enjoy it one last time . Indeed, Planet Hollywood is closing its doors on January 7, 2023. To book, you can call 01 60 43 78 27 .

For now, the group has not yet revealed the name of the restaurant that will replace Planet Hollywood . What is certain is that Disney Village will be a brand new village after the renovation of the park.

Opening of a British restaurant

Read if you like King Ludwig's Castle had to say goodbye to their favorite restaurant . The establishment immersed them in a romantic atmosphere with its royal banquet. If you want to go there one last time, it must be done before January 8, 2023 .

Disneyland Paris closes King Ludwig's Castle to open 'The Royal Pub'. This new restaurant will offer menus inspired by British pubs . Visitors will be able to taste good food and enjoy craft beers.

You can also have breakfast at any time of the day. The Royal Pub offers Guinness Braised Beef , flatbreads or hot sandwiches.

You can go there with your friends to taste the plates of “fish and chips” . The new restaurant at Disneyland Paris will also serve a tasty dessert that will mark your taste buds for a while .

Tout le King Ludwig’s Castle will be renovated for a new look on the facade , the terrace and the atmosphere inside. Even the bar will be modified to give a new identity to The Royal Pub .

Restaurant should open its doors around February 2023 . A long-time Disneyland Paris partner will manage The Royal Pub restaurant. He is the Bertrand group which already manages other restaurants in Disney Village as well as renowned restaurants in Paris.

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