Doctor Misdiagnoses Mom Only Has 18 Months To Live

modified: 2022-10-02 15:10:02

A mom's return to the doctor has become the most macabre day of her life. She learned that she will soon leave this world!


' Mom ' is a very pretty word in the mouth. Without it, we are nothing and we owe our existence to it. Therefore, losing her would be A fatality . Only, we cannot decide before the destin . Such is the case of the little one in this story! If it were up to Rowan, his mother might be immortal . However, it is not the case !

The story of a mother!

Jo Fletcher-Cross est a fairly popular journalist in France. For those who have already had the pleasure of meeting her, they know that she is one of the most influential in her domain . She works au National Geographic . Living in London for a few years, she is already married.

At the same time, the 40-year-old young woman is the mother of an adorable little girl . Among other things, she's Rowan's mom! You are probably wondering what she is doing in this narrative ? It's simple ! The story speaks of her !

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It all started in June when Jo Fletcher-Cross decided to go to the doctor . Why ? In general, nothing really bad! She went there for a single control medical. Rowan's mother also wanted to have explanations about some symptoms .

For some time, the mother felt weird feelings daily. After the consultation, the doctor told her that she had a urinary tract infection. So he treated it with the antibiotic !

This woman's illness is even more dreadful than expected!

After several months of treatment with the antibiotic, this mother does not find no improvement in his health. However, the doctor reassured him that he was fine. function on her ! According to Jo, it became from pire to pire !

The one who lives in Kentish Town has seen it through several series of signs consecutive. For example, she almost lost his oral skills one night watching a movie with her daughter's father. Other, she couldn't say a single word .

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During a lunch with friends at her house, this mom cooked for everyone . But all of a sudden, the latter complained of not souvenir of his recipe. Following this situation, there was another occasion or she forgot her passwords .

From where worry from his family ! After a complete analysis, we finally have discovered that Jo had a tumor in her brain. Besides, it was incurable . It is the same pathology that affected Tom Parker and took his life last March!

Mom: Jo Fletcher-Cross doesn't have much time left!

if they diagnostics are good, the mother of this 11-year-old girl has something to worry about. According the experts , she would suffer from what is called a stage 4 glioblastoma.

It is a type of cancer very dangerous . Indeed, it is a sickness ruthless with his victims! It is to highlight that all carriers of this syndrome have ended up in oblivion . In other words, he or they are dead!

It is forbidden to operate this kind of tumor. It only risks pushing back and aggravating the patient's situation. This is why the it's médecins de la maman Rowan's didn't give him false hope.

Therefore, this mother is well aware that he only has 18 months left to live . Without complaining about her fate, she wants to make the most of it with her family . Hence their choice to leave soon at Disneyland Paris !