Don't forget the lyrics: this unexpected reference from Nagui to… Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès!

modified: 2022-09-18 13:00:02

While presenting 'Don't forget the lyrics', Nagui tried a strange joke...

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Since 2007, the game show ' Do not forget the lyrics ' offers the participant to measure their musical culture. between hole memory and false notes, Nagui presents the show since its launch in 2007. On Wednesday, September 14, animator surprised a lot by doing an unexpected joke.

Uneasiness and giggles on the set of 'Don't forget the lyrics'

Whereas France 2 is broadcasting this program for nearly 15 years, it has become a cult. Indeed, this game show works like a a big karaoke .

Under the amused eye of Nagui, the candidates must begin to to sing a song, then continue without directions . In 'Don't Forget the Lyrics,' they can only rely on their memories to achieve victory .

In this context, the show often becomes the theater many funny moments . And it's not just the participants that make the public smile ' Do not forget the lyrics ' . Thus, Nagui very often has the opportunity to place a good word or a witticism.

This week, he marked the public with his black humor . Indeed, the winner, Yoan, who had just won 20,000 euros, announced his projects for outdoor work. Facing him, the host responded in a squeaky way .
“You want to make a nice terrace, well cemented, with a nice slab… Dupont de Ligonnès… You will see that he knows about terraces. »

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For those who do not have the reference, you should know that Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes has nothing to do with the world of music . This joke spoken on the set of 'Do not forget the lyrics' refers to a sad incident . Indeed, it is about a suspect, who would have taken the life of all his family, before hiding the bodies under a concrete terrace . To date, the authorities have never been able to trace him or arrest him.

Nagui, one of the most teasing animators of the PAF!

Thus, the animator often tends to make puns or jokes of any kind . At micro of France Inter or on the set of 'Everyone wants to take their place', Nagui often makes the French laugh .

Besides, before presenting 'Do not forget the lyrics', the presenter already had a solid experience. Thus, in the 1990s, he was already hosting ' May the best win ' .

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But Nagui also stands out for his passion for music . Thus, the public also knows him thanks to another music show 'Taratata' broadcast on France 2. On the set of 'Don't forget the lyrics' he can therefore feel very comfortable.

This long career explains why Nagui does not hesitate to allow himself to joke . Moreover, he frequently deals with candidates with very special attitudes. On the plateau, he cultivates a ambiance warm and relaxed. This amused tone and this impertinence no doubt earned him great popularity. Besides, we can say that 'Do not forget the lyrics' has been able to last on the small screen. And for now, the programme should still have very good days ahead of it.