Don't touch my post: a columnist leaves the set, internet users stuck

modified: 2023-01-13 00:01:02

While it seemed only his second participation in the program Touche pas à mon poste, a columnist planted the team.

  Don't touch my post: a columnist leaves the set, internet users stuck

This Tuesday, January 10 seemed colorful on the Touche set not at my post. Indeed, between Jean-Michel Marie who confessed to having been the victim of blackmail, and the departure of a columnist. Indeed, a brand new columnist, Amèle, participated this Tuesday in her second program . But, obviously, she will not even have finished the latter. She decided to leave the set in the middle of the show , without returning. We'll explaine everything here.

The secrets of Jean-Michel Maire on Touche pas à mon poste

This Tuesday, January 10, there was movement on the program Touche pas à mon poste. Indeed, Jean-Michel Maire wanted to address a subject that ruined his life for a while. It turns out that the latter seemed to become intimate with a young woman. So he explained “ Recently I was the victim of an attempt at blackmail and extortion. I was single at that time. And as if by chance, when one is a little known, we receive many more messages from young pretty girls than when we are in the shadows ”. But, it started to degenerate afterwards.

He explains on the set de Touche not at my post that “d Suddenly, I started talking with this young girl, we exchanged photos. Me, I was full of confidence because we had been talking for so long! Then it happened gradually, we exchanged messages, we told each other about our lives, it became more intimate ”.

And quickly” One day, a journalist from the magazine Public , whom I know a little, called me saying: 'Is it normal for us to receive intimate photos of you at the editorial office?' I wrote to the person, and knowing that she was unveiled, she immediately told me that she demanded 25,000 euros to stop trying to sell the photos in question to the press ”. But the columnist of Touche not at my post decided not to let it go and contact the police. But that won't be any more.

An indecisive columnist

The team de Touche not at my post seems very envied. Many people seem to want to join the team like Amandine Pellissard. But few can actually succeed. However, this seemed the case for a certain Amèle. As the latter came to the set for the second time, she decided to go home in the middle of the show . Something to piss off fans of the show.

It turns out that every time Jean-Marie Bigard made a joke, Amèle decided to leave the Touche set not at my post. But, quickly, she seemed tired of walking back and forth on set. So much so that at one point she decided to just go home. The host said, “ Amele is gone. I accept everything. There were too many Jean-Marie jokes , she did not feel ”. What Matthieu Delormeau and Cyril Hanouna decided to reassure Jean-Marie Bigard so that he does not feel guilty. The host also adds “ She didn't feel. She came back, but we like her a lot, so maybe she will come back one day if she feels ”.

But Raymond did not really seem to agree with the actions of the new columnist of Touche not at my post, he declares “ Yes, but she could have stayed in the boxes and come back when we talk about serious matters ”. Which really doesn't matter more to Baba who replied ' Look, she does what she wants. It's okay lesson givers . She did what she wanted and she wanted to go home ”. But obviously, the doors are still open to him.

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