Dr. Rachael Ross Calls Out The Doctors, Alleging Toxic & Racist Treatment!

We’re in the middle of a transformation, y’ all– with many scary stories emerging relating to harmful office conditions and blatantly racist treatment!

Dr. Rachael Ross, a previous co-host of the CBS program The Doctors, spoke up about malice on set and how unjustly she was dealt with. The sexologist invested 3 years working for the series, travelling backward and forward from her house in Gary, Indiana where she kept her own medical practice. In her interview with Page Six, launched on February 5, Dr. Rachael particularly called out executive manufacturer Patricia Ciano

Ross confessed:

” The entire culture is harmful. The executive manufacturer continuously chews out individuals. When, she even cussed me out. There was likewise constantly something about my hair. They were continuously making remarks, and pestering me about my hair.”


So, like, we get that team members on a production will regularly examine the cast’s hair and makeup, which is absolutely typical. What we do not get is why anybody would feel like it’s fine to bug somebody over their appearance. It’s 100% not cool that they made Rachael experience this, specifically if these were remarks directed exclusively at her.

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What’s even worse is that several sources offered even grimmer stories about The Doctors A single person specified that African American individuals typically got shot down with their pitches which Ciano would scold anybody who suggested non-white specialists for the program.

Another source declared something a lot more stunning with:

” They were called production bibles. And they constantly had us include more for the Black medical professionals and [Ciano] would pre-interview them, however never ever for the white medical professionals. It was unusual. It was clear she didn’t trust their understanding and was attempting to ensure they understood what they were discussing.”


For genuine?!

PLUS Dr. Rachael exposed:

” And variety on screen was not motivated unless there was a weight-loss story.”

Wow. This is all so AWFUL! We can’t think of needing to work for a business that deals with individuals like this. And the regrettable truth is that it’s so tough to eliminate back versus these oppressions. Ross and the other sources state that although they notified HR and CBS of this habits, they were eventually shot down and absolutely nothing was done. In Ross’s case, she thinks they eventually shut her out of the program since she spoke out.

She stated:

” I informed the network if you men aren’t cautious, you’re going to get promoted as a truly bad location for minorities to work, and they informed me, they would check out my claims. [After that], the treatment ended up being 10 times even worse. They began cutting my episodes and when we were chosen for an Emmy, they didn’t even inform me and sat me at a various table from the other co-hosts at the event. I was generally dislodged.”

Just. UGH.

Many individuals likewise think they’re being neglected since Dr. Phil McGraw produced the program– and given that he makes a lot cash for the network, CBS will disregard as long as he’s pleased.

So, based upon this, can we arrange of checked out in between the lines here that Dr. Phil does not actually appreciate this sort of treatment?!

With all of these stories emerging, Ciano herself really brought out a declaration. In spite of all these sources declaring there’s been bigoted habits, the executive manufacturer rejects all of it. For her part, she clapped back with:

” I am ravaged by these stunning and unproven claims. I wait my character and understand the fact, that I have actually been a champ for varied skill and inclusive stories throughout my whole profession. While it is difficult to show that I did not do something, I can definitely state these upsetting lies are not real.”

Hmmmm. Really inneresting. Certainly it’s so tough to choose who’s informing the fact, however with many sources calling The Doctors out for this disgusting habits, it’s tough to take Ciano’s word.

But what do you all believe?

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