Drink: according to a study, it increases the risk of bowel cancer by 2

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Certain foods promote the onset of more or less serious illnesses. This drink would promote bowel cancer according to a study.

  Drink: according to one study, it increases the risk of bowel cancer by 2

It's time for good resolutions. As the year begins, it's never too late to improve your diet . By the way, did you know that eating healthy is one of the priorities of the French ? There is reason, because food has a direct link to physical and mental health . For example, by regularly consuming these drinks, you double the risk of bowel cancer.

Diet and the onset of cancer

For several decades, we have been harped on in the pubs that you should eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day . And you know what ? That is true. It is not for nothing that the adage “eat an apple a day to keep doctors away” exists.

For good reason, watching your diet is one of the keys to ensuring good health . In this article, we will focus on a drink to be consumed in moderation .

The reason ? According to a serious study, it could multiply by two the risks of developing bowel cancer . Note that the latter is one of the diseases that affect the most people in France .

In 2018, 43,336 cases of colorectal cancer were recorded nationwide . A number that is just huge. Moreover, the Foundation for Cancer Research lists the warning symptoms of the disease:

'The presence of blood in the stool, abdominal pain, intestinal transit disorders, a mass perceptible on palpation of the abdomen, anemia, unexplained weight loss, deterioration of the general state of health'

The foundation specifies that food plays an enormous role in the prevention of this type of pathologies . Thus, the non-moderate consumption of red meat would be part of the dietary habits that would increase the risk .

“It should not exceed 500 g of meat excluding poultry – which is however the case for 40% of men in France – and 150 g of charcuterie per week. It is estimated that in 2015, 5,600 cases of colorectal cancer could be attributed to the consumption of cold cuts”, indicates the Foundation for Cancer Research.

Sugary drinks and bowel cancer

Of course, red meat is not the only food that increases the risk of bowel cancer . In the batch, we can just as well mention sugary drinks . That doesn't convince you? So read on.

In fact, this conclusion comes from a study recently published in the journal Gut. Before being published in The Sun magazine. The study aimed to establish a link between the consumption of sugary drinks and bowel cancer .

The results are without appeal! As one might expect, scientists managed to show a link between the two . Therefore, it is appropriate to do not consume this type of drink in too large quantities .

This includes soft drinks, fruit flavored drinks and sports and energy drinks. So these are the people addicts to these drinks which are the most at risk .

If this is your case, you must learn to consume a reduced amount . According to experts, consumption should also not be daily. That said, the ideal would be to get out of this addiction to sugary drinks .

7 foods to favor to prevent a stroke

If sugary drinks double the risk of bowel cancer, other foods can cause a stroke . However, without this part of the article, we will not be interested in these , but to foods that prevent disease.

Indeed, as with many other diseases, for stroke, food choice matters . Thus, a stroke can be prevented by incorporating the right foods into what you consume on a daily basis .

Moreover, we know that the main causes of hypertension are too high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity . Can you imagine that these problems can be resolved by consuming specific foods as appropriate .

Here is the 7 foods that must be favored to prevent a stroke :

Rolled oats: for whole grains

  • Yogurt: for probiotics
  • Dried beans: for fiber
  • Onion: for antioxidants
  • Flax seeds: for fatty acids
  • Red wine: for antioxidants
  • Salmon: for vitamin D

If at the same time you regularly practice physical activity, then it is sure that you will have an iron health ! As for alcoholic beverages, it is to be consumed in moderation .

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