Drink reminder: do not give this milk to your baby, it is contaminated, the stores concerned!

modified: 2022-09-22 12:37:02

The Rappel Conso site has just alerted on two new products, which will therefore be withdrawn from supermarkets.

  Drink reminder

Since a few months, consumers should exercise caution . Thus, supermarkets have already recalled many products dangerous. Recently, the Rappel Conso site pinned lots of Candia milk and pastries . We take stock of the foods to avoid at the moment!

Consumer reminder: Beware of chocolate éclairs from the Tartefrais brand

These beloved pastries of the French will have to leave the rays supermarkets. The stores concerned are Intermarché, Monoprix, Franprix and Carrefour. Thereby, the Conso Reminder website gave details of the information sheet on the date of September 20, 2022.

These products come in batches of 2 éclairs of 80 g. Moreover, the Tartefrais brand gave the alert itself. Prefectural authorities did not order the removal of these pastries. However, the Rappel Conso site relayed this alert.

Indeed, these flashes chocolate may contain debris: glass, plastic . They can therefore present serious risks (choking, injuries). The batches mentioned by Rappel Conso have a sell-by date running from September 14 to 24.

Additionally, you can check the packaging , if you think you have purchased these products. The use-by date runs until September 24, 2022. Finally, Reminder Conso specified the batch number concerned: 122510349.

If in doubt, contact the following number immediately: 0477527674.
You have until October 4 to bring these eclairs back to stores . You can also get a refund.

Candia milk is also the subject of a product recall

On September 21, 2022, Reminder Conso also mentioned a new product . These are Candia Baby Junior 4 milk bottles, in 250 ml format. According to Rappel conso, several supermarkets have stopped selling them for the time being. Thus, the product recall takes place at Cora, Système U, Auchan, Carrefour, Casino and Intermarché .

The lots mentioned on the site Drink reminder bear the following numbers: 22SM4047185, 22SM4047186, 22SM4047187

In addition, affected products display these GTIN codes on their packaging :
3533631193003 or 3533630900459.
These products intended for toddlers were on shelves since July 22 2022. According to Rappel Conso, the use-by date for these lots has been set for March 1, 2023.

However, some parents have reported bottle sealing issues . These milk packs therefore risk exposing children to bacteria . In addition, the conservation of the product presents serious risks.

Reminder Conso invites parents to destroy these bottles or bring them back to stores. In any case, this milk should not be given to children.
Note that if you return these products to the supermarket, you will also be entitled to a refund. The recall operation lasts until October 19, 2022 .

If you have the slightest doubt, Rappel Conso indicates that you can reach 0987870050 . In case of strange symptoms, immediately take your child to see a doctor.

Nowadays, product recalls can concern all types of items . The dangers they pose to us can range from injury to serious illness. To stay informed, you can consult the Rappel Conso website. Thereby, you will always be aware of the procedures In progress.

source: foozine.com