Driver's license: what aid is available to finance it?

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The government has put in place several financial aids that can finance the cost of obtaining a driving license.

  Driver's license: what aid is available to finance it?

In France, more than a million candidates participate in the exam to pass the license B . Obtaining this license allows you to drive classic cars. The price for the passage of this driving license is however not always accessible for small budgets . According to the administration, the passage of the permit B costs about 1800 euros . Fortunately, the government is putting in place several mechanisms to finance the driving license of people with a small budget .

Driving license: 500 euros aid for apprentices

Learners can also receive financial assistance to get their driver's license. They must be at least 18 years old and of course, be apprentices. They must also be preparing to obtain the B license .

To benefit from the aid, the apprentice must submit their application file at the apprenticeship training center (CFA) where he is registered. He will need a signed application form .

The file to be provided must include a copy of both sides of an identity document such as an identity card or a passport. It will be necessary a copy of an estimate or invoice from the driving school less than a year old.

If the apprentice wants help be paid into his account , he will have to provide a bank or RIB identity statement. This aid, ranging from 500 euros, is paid in one go.

The amount does not change regardless of the amount of the fees for obtaining the driver's license. If he fulfills the conditions, the apprentice can combine this aid with other schemes .

Funding for job seekers

The government will provide funding for pass category B of the driving license at some unemployed . This concerns category A, B or D “training” and “professional security contract” jobseekers.

The job seeker must therefore be registered with Pôle Emploi for at least 6 months. The latter must be available for employment. He cannot be under 18 to apply for this funding .

Job seekers receiving unemployment benefit will not be able to benefit from this funding. The same applies to those who receive compensation from another allowance which is less than or equal to the amount of the minimum ARE.

Disability compensation benefit

The disability compensation benefit (PCH) is intended for people with disabilities who live at home or with a family carer. The department where they are is responsible for paying this benefit . If the beneficiary's condition does not improve, he can benefit from this assistance for life .

Disability compensation benefit includes 6 different services of which :

  • human help
  • technical assistance
  • housing development assistance
  • transportation assistance
  • specific or exceptional aid
  • animal help

If the person with a disability wishes get a driver's license , he must contact the MDPH. If this person needs it for his professional integration, he must go to Agefiph. He can also choose financial aid from the Fund for the integration of people with disabilities in the public service (FIPHFP) .

The personal training account (CPF)

Those who want to take the driving license exam from category B to DE can use their CPF account . However, obtaining a driver's license contributes to the realization of a professional project .

The account holder must not have their license suspended or a ban on applying for a driving licence. The person concerned should therefore get a sworn statement .

The preparation for obtaining the permit must be provided by a CPF approved establishment. The amount of aid on the CPF account can exceed 1,500 euros . This aid is therefore very advantageous for employees.

Driving license at 1 euro per day

To access this aid, you must be between 15 and 25 years old. The device allows young people to benefit from easy payment of their driving license training.

If the total cost of the training remains the same, a state partner financial institution will cover it. And this in the form of a loan. The Public Service site specifies that the government repay the interest on this loan .

The device of the permit at 1 euro per day is only accessible if the training is done in an approved driving school .

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