Driving license scam: 300,000 euros seized and five people arrested

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A driver's license inspector is suspected of fraud. The scam is to pass the exam without even having to take it

  Driving license scam: 300,000 euros seized and five people arrested

In several cases of identity checks, if you do not have your national identity card (CIN) on you, a driver's license is enough . These documents are issued by a civil servant. For the driving licence, it is a driving license and road safety inspector who issues it. Given the importance of these papers, many want to have some and some are ready to cheat . By the way, a public official is suspected of driving license scam. This last is suspected of having issued driving licenses to people who didn't even pass the exam.

Driving license scam: Procedure

How does this driver's license scam manifest itself? In most cases, the scam victims have their money stolen against their will . This is the case of the credit card scam and the glass of water scam. For the driver's license, it's more like corruption .

Indeed, a driving license inspector issued permits without customers having to take the test . We exchange, the person concerned pays him money. The title of an article in Midi Libre published on February 7, 2023 reports an amount:

“Driving license scam: 6,500 euros to pass the exam without even having to take it”

Moreover, at this very moment, an inspector as well as these accomplices were suspected and arrested . The case is ongoing.

A survey carried out by the Mobile Zonal Research Brigade (BMRZ)

This scam story started with a driving test pass rate extraordinary. Indeed, the success rate of a Bordeaux inspector has begun to raise doubts among these colleagues. The latter reported the anomaly and the Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea (DDTM) therefore took an interest in the inspector in question .

With regard to the situation, an investigation “for criminal association and fraudulent and habitual supply of administrative documents to an organized gang” is open, says an article by Capital, published on February 7, 2023. The investigation is being carried out by the Mobile Zonal Research Brigade (BMRZ) of the border police. Why border police?

The Capital information site, published on February 7, gave the answer by stating :

“Because documents like the driving license are used by people in an irregular situation in order to stay in the territory. »

A vast network of scams

As you can imagine, the driving license and road safety inspector do not act alone . Indeed, after several weeks of investigation, the investigators discovered that the inspector was in constant contact with a driving school director from Bordeaux. According to Capital:

“The two protagonists exchanged up to ten phone calls a day. »

It's not just the inspector and the director, the investigation also reveals that two other people are actors in the scam . The latter acted as touts to find them customers. If we refer to all this information noted by the investigators, we are really faced with 'an association of criminals and fraudulent and habitual supply of administrative documents in an organized gang' .

It is a fraudulent supply, because the candidates for the examinations don't even need to take the test . In return, he pays money. The Midi Libre article, published on February 7, said:

“He (the inspector) is suspected of having sold driving licenses to several candidates without them having to pass it for the sum of 6,500 euros. »

An arrest with 300,000 euros seized

The investigation continues, on Tuesday January 31 in total 5 people were arrested : the two touts, the inspector, the driving school director and one of her relatives. We do not know since when this scam network has existed. At least, according to the investigators, in one year, these alleged criminals would have issued a hundred fake driving licenses .

How much did they earn? This too is still a mystery. Nevertheless, a seizure was made and a total of 300,000 euros was discovered in several accounts and in cash.

Here, in Bordeaux, 5 people are arrested for driving license scam . Are they guilty? What will their penalties be? To not miss anything about the rest of the case, log on to our information site.

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