E. Leclerc: the brand in turmoil after the sale of expired foie gras since May 2022 in Angoulême

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Recall Conso recalled whole Périgord foie gras sold in an E.Leclerc supermarket. This expired product could make you sick.

  E. Leclerc: the brand in turmoil after the sale of expired foie gras since May 2022 in Angoulême

Foie gras is a product that the French love . Its rich and exquisite taste adds a chic and refined touch to your plate. If you have recently purchased foie gras, you are surely concerned by the following . Indeed, whole goose foie gras from Périgord is no longer really fresh was still in circulation in an E.Leclerc supermarket . Expired since last May, the product has even changed in taste and smell. Unfit for human consumption, it should no longer be consumed . What exactly is the product being recalled here? What if you already bought it? What are you risking by ingesting it? We take stock in this article.

E. Leclerc: Which goose foie gras is it?

An E.Leclerc store in Angoulême has put on sale whole goose foie gras from Périgord of the Lordship brand. This Thursday, December 22, 2022, this flagship product for the end of the year has been the subject of a voluntary product recall . The reason ? A jar of this product was found with a use-by date largely exceeded, i.e. May 10, 2022.

The government site Rappel Conso points out that this is a “product likely to be hazardous to health” . 'Only one jar from the stock had a DLC passed since May 10, 2022', but all the brand's foie gras were withdrawn “by prevention” , told the management of the store to Ouest France.

Should this product fall into the hands of a careless consumer, it could cause serious food poisoning for him . This is why the E. Leclerc store asks consumers to be vigilant .

The foie gras concerned It is in a 300 g jar . It is sold in the fresh section, at the head of the gondola, from December 05, 2022, to December 17, 2022. It bore the number GTIN 3435030009018 as well as the health mark FR 31.187.017 CE .

This goose foie gras sold in an E. Leclerc is dangerous for you

The product recall fact sheet stated that the product could lead to “organoleptic changes” at the consumer. In other words, this product has the potential to alter the normal functioning of the sense organs of the person who consumes it.

The discerning customer should not take this warning lightly, given. One “product exhibited for sale with outdated DLC” is relatively dangerous. Unlike the minimum durability date (MDD), compliance with the DLC must be radical. Foie gras recalled may lose its organoleptic, taste and nutritional qualities . But it can also be toxic to you.

According to economie.gouv.fr:

“The use-by date (DLC) indicates an imperative limit. It applies to foodstuffs that are microbiologically very perishable and which, as a result, are likely, after a short period, to present an immediate danger to human health. »

According to the CNEWS site, the spoiled poultry is one of the worst products for your health . Quickly get rid of this expired whole goose foie gras from E.Leclerc.

“If consumed, you risk food poisoning and even salmonellosis. (…) And this, even if it (Editor’s note: spoiled poultry) is kept in the refrigerator. And if you have any doubts, don't take any risks. It is best not to consume your piece of meat. »

What to do if you have the product at home

Do you have exactly this whole foie gras from Périgord E. Leclerc from Angoulême? The Rappel Conso government website, recommend not to consume it .

You should no longer use it in recipes. For prevent it from falling into the hands of someone else , return it to a point of sale as soon as possible.

You can even get a refund if you do . Just make sure you do it before the end of the recall procedure on January 5, 2023. Beyond this date, you will no longer be able to receive compensation .

In case of problems or complaints, do not hesitate to call the consumer service of the brand. Contact him on the number 05 45 69 64 64.

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