Electricity and gas: this small, very simple everyday gesture can save you a lot of money!

modified: 2022-09-14 15:02:01

Who doesn't complain about having an overabundant electricity and gas bill? To reduce them, here are some habits to adopt.


With the general increase in prices on the market and back to school, it becomes difficult to manage the budget. And the energy crisis looming on the horizon adds another layer! Follow these few lines to learn more about the tips for your gas and electricity bills be less expensive.

Electricity: The causes of the price increase

Everyone can see and suffers the consequences of today's rising electricity prices. The situation is critical, and even the government calls for an economy energy for all economic actors .

The companies , households and public administrations are encouraged to reduce their monthly electricity consumption as much as possible. There are many factors that can explain this finding. But the most obvious is the widespread failure of several nuclear reactors .

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Their maintenance and start-up require specific tools and specialized technicians. But the crisis due to coronavirus delayed the necessary procedures. Add to that the fact that each reactor is a victim of corrosion which gets worse as maintenance is delayed.

On the other hand, war also remains one of the factors that increases the cost of electricity. In addition to this, there are the costs of transport, taxes and duties of all kinds and the price of gas. I have to say that gas power plants in other countries make it possible to supply part of the national electricity.

Some effective actions to adopt

There are many tricks that provide a economy significant in the electricity bill. But for that, they must be an integral part of the daily gestures . And in order for there to be an impact at the national level, the number of households that adhere to these techniques must be as many as possible.

Hence the many awareness campaigns coming from the authorities responsible for energy to save. In addition, another objective also consists of getting French families to adhere to the eco-responsible gestures required. An issue that is significant to say the least, given the situation in which the planet currently finds itself.

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The first reflex which you absolutely have to get used to is located during the preparation meals. Indeed, the simple gesture of covering pans, saucepans and other cooking utensils saves considerable electricity.

According to Professor Carine Serbi: 'Knowing that a household consumes 820 kWh annually for cooking, according to the European database Odyssee, systematically covering its pots and pans during electric cooking could save €36 per year'. An amount that should not be overlooked .

Other actions to save electricity

Energy saving does not stop at a few gestures during cooking. Besides, if you want to get a significant drop in your invoice electricity, you must know and combine the other tricks .

Moreover, when they are anchored in our habits , the bills will undoubtedly go down. And this energy saving will also benefit the environment, which will be more than protected if everyone takes the right steps.

The devices of cleaning such as the washing machine or the dishwasher work very well, even if they are in energy saving mode. Instead of putting the devices you don't use to sleep, put them completely to sleep on stop . Obviously, this last tip does not apply to the fridge or the freezer.