Electricity: here are the 5 appliances on standby that consume the most and cause the energy bill to explode!

modified: 2022-09-29 00:54:02

During this winter of 2022, the French must reduce their electricity consumption. This will also reduce the amount of invoices.


The energy expenditure is one of the factors that increase the amount to be paid at the end of the month. Indeed, we saw a price spike lately. Thus, homes think of everything to minimize energy demand. Daily gestures can minimize the electricity bill. But, you also have to consider how much energy each device uses.

Electricity consumption, one of the biggest expenses of the French

In this context, it is good to know that putting the devices on standby generates a waste large amounts of electricity. Indeed, the device still works and consumes more energy . It is the same with the machines switched off under load.

Indeed, the residual current which circulates will increase energy demand while decreasing the durability of the machine. So it does not help to reduce your consumption .

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According to the report of the Agency control of energy and the environment, the electrical appliances remain the most energy-intensive, even when on standby. They account for about 11% of annual consumption in electricity in France.

The consumption in energy of each appliance in a household remains complementary. While some are more eco-responsible , others are energy guzzlers.

Which devices are power hungry?

Some appliances consume electricity even when they are turned off. Let us first mention the screens and the peripheral devices .

They require approximately 209 kilowatts per hour per year , namely 23 euros. Satellite dishes, for their part, spend 131 kilowatts per hour per year, equivalent to 14.5 euros. For the TV , it consumes 77 kilowatts per hour per year, i.e. 8.5 euros .

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As to electrical appliances, the kitchen oven spends 86.5 kilowatts per hour per year, equivalent to 9.5 euros. For light dryers, the demand for energy is 103 kilowatts per hour per year, so 11.3 euros.

In addition, internet boxes also consume a huge amount energy. Namely 61.3 kilowatts per hour per year, thus 6.8 euros.

How to consume less electricity?

Here is the first step to take in order to reduce its electricity expenses! You have to monitor your consumption. So you can start by monitoring the devices you use. Especially the most greedy…

Also, give preference to eco-responsible machines and not provided with a “deferred option”. This will allow you to significantly reduce your bill. You can also minimize use of these machines. For example, air dry your clothes instead of using your clothes dryer.

Also consider adopting some daily gestures to reduce the bill. When you buy your household appliances, prefer those with labels A +++. Indeed, they consume much less electricity than the others.

Also consider their capacity so you don't have to use the machine multiple times. For dishwashers , those in water are more thrifty than a dish in hand. Depending on your installations and your devices, you have to be nuanced. Often investing in household appliances new saves electricity. But it is big purchases , which cannot really be improvised.

source: foozine.com