Electricity prices: these French people will be able to receive reductions from TotalEnergies and Engie!

modified: 2022-09-30 14:44:03

Engie and Total Energies have offered electricity price bonuses and discounts. However, who will be able to benefit from these reductions?


Recently, inflation has affected all of France, whether on food products, gas and everything related to daily life. Electricity is probably not spared by this price increase. But the firms Engie and TotalEnergies have taken action to remedy this. They agreed to put an economic project device to relieve the French. We tell you more in this edition!

Electricity: The precautions proposed by Engie and TotalEnergies!

We have observed that the price of electricity in France has increased following the inflation . And to deal with it, the French government has encouraged consumers to save electricity to face the coming winter.

Consequently, Engie and TotalEnergies have agreed to help the French by setting up an arrangement. The latter will take the form of an economic premium on bills daily.

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Energy costs will gradually rise. The French State has also encouraged the French to make savings gestures. For example to reduce its heater at 19%.

In addition, Engie and TotalEnergies have made proposals to electrical energy suppliers. They plan to conclude contracts to support the French.

The economic projects of TotalEnergies and Engie!

Engie is going to launch a challenge daily between the month of October 2022 until April 2023. Among other things, these challenges would be organized when the source of electricity would encounter complications.

And according to them, this economic incentive plan will be launched soon. According to the Chairman of the Board d’administration of the Echos group, each consumer who takes up the challenge will receive bonuses in euros.

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As for TotalEnergies, it will benefit from a delivery to its consumers based on the decline in the use of electric heating. This reduction may range from 30 to 120 euros on total electricity consumption.

This marketing project is called “consumption bonus”. The customer base will take advantage of it from November 1st and will end on March 31, 2023.

Electricity: Beneficiaries of this bonus

The loyal clients of TotalEnergies will be the most privileged with this device. To do this, they just need to have an electricity contract since November 2021 and have a Linky meter.

According to the firm, this concerns 3 million households. So the challenge will be great if all these consumers will take it up.


For each trend decrease in electricity consumption, the firm will give a reward to its customers. This bonus will be distributed as follows, 30 euros for 5%, 36 euros for 6%, and insofar as it reaches 20%, the brand will offer 120 euros. A nice sum!

In conclusion , this marketing plan will encourage consumers accustomed to TotalEnergies to minimize the excessive use of electrical energy in order to earn this bonus. What better than a surplus of money to deal with this crisis. Especially since we save energy at the same time. So, a double-edged sword!

source: foozine.com