Electricity scam: this technique used by suppliers to increase the price of the bill!

modified: 2022-09-13 13:09:02

There are at least thirty other electricity suppliers apart from EDF. If you plan to change yours, watch out for scams.


Since the energy sector has experienced a market opening, many people prefer to new suppliers. It must be said that they offer prices and tempting conditions. But behind this facade is a large-scale scam whose victims are not only consumers.

The scam occurs after several months of subscription

To fully understand the supplier system electricity current ones, it is better to go back a little. At the time, the monopoly was held by EDF and the tariff was regulated . In clear terms, the price is established by the public authorities after consultation with the CRE or Energy Regulation Commission.

But the new system establishes a price for electricity in relation to the market. That is to say that the supplier makes its own calculations and offers a fixed price for one to three years to its customers. Which can be interesting, because it avoids the inconvenience due to inflation.

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And that's the whole scam! In the terms of the contract, the supplier can very well increase its prices if specific conditions are met. Many people have received an email simply saying that their electricity bill is going to be doubled for no apparent reason .

This is the case of the alternative supplier Ohm, which is losing a good number of its customers. The reason people have turned to alternative suppliers is that they have a cheaper rate than EDF. But in view of circumstances current times, it is better to look for new horizons.

A plan that is not just limited to households

From the outset, you should know that alternative suppliers wanting to carry out a scam do not just strip their clients. Moreover, they directly encourage households to temporarily collaborate with other suppliers .

According to the email made public by one of the customers: “They simply advised me to change suppliers, and to come back to them in March”. A solution that may seem effective, but which is absolutely not.

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First, no one can confirm that prices will return normal after a few months. And then, the procedures to follow when changing electricity supplier are relatively complicated and waste a lot of time.

The real scam is that companies like Ohm have a vested interest in scaring away their customers. In this way, they have a surplus of nuclear electricity that they can resell at the price they want. According to estimates, they could obtain a profit of around 554 euros per megawatt hour. An amount which is by no means negligible and which could upset the sector.

Scam in electricity: How to protect yourself?

To avoid all scams of all kinds, it is not enough to compare offers from each supplier. Moreover, the many online comparators are there to do it for you.

Look to those who favor renewable energy to avoid power outage issues at all times. The original warranty is also a offer interesting, insofar as many firms in the electricity sector use it. This leads to a considerable drop in prices due to competition.