Electricity: these 7 appliances to unplug at night to reduce the energy bill and save money!

modified: 2022-10-01 22:58:01

Everyone fears the rise in electricity bills for the next season. A fact that, alas, cannot be avoided.


Since the energy crisis and financial world, almost every country is experiencing an outbreak on the price of electricity . Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable path for all. The best thing to do is to find solutions that aim to minimize energy consumption . For that, it would be necessary to change some habits of the daily . Sure, it might take some extra work, but the result is worth it .

Electricity: Good habits to adopt

The cost of electricity has almost doubled since the beginning of the energy crisis. Moreover, the authorities make us understand, every day, that it is important not to be wasteful. Switch off electrical appliances not used is already a good gesture. But unfortunately, that is no longer enough.

We always thought that an off device does not consume electricity . Well no, we are on the wrong track. Because even if some devices are turned off, they consume still power when the plug stays plugged in. And for information, so-called phantom loads can reach up to 50 watts per month per household. This will save you more or less than 80 euros per year on your electricity bill.

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do the right thing, always remember to unplug unused electrical appliances . Ranging from the smallest, such as the phone charger, to the largest device, game console , television set, etc. In addition, inserting the plug of a device before its use won't waste your time.

Nevertheless, there are electrical devices that you should not unplug. For exemple, refrigerator or freezer . In this case, it is advisable to choose recent models with an energy saving system (A+). They require less electricity.

Learn how to manage your energy consumption

There are several ways to proceed in order to reduce electricity consumption . Appliances are mostly the ones we tend to keep plugged in. The microwave oven, computers , the printer , etc. are equipment that can be unplug when not in use.

It is also strongly recommended to turn off room lights where there is no one. The switches are made for that. You enter the room, you turn on, you leave, you turn off . These few gestures may seem absurd to you. But advice should not be taken for granted. It has to become a reflex for the whole family . This will save electricity.

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And as for the cuisine , there may be some ways to decrease the consumption . For example, when you are going to cook your pasta, remember to boil the water first with a kettle before pouring it In the caserole . This will speed up the process. Which means less electricity. If you don't have a kettle, put some a good pinch of salt in cold water.

In general, the reduction of consumption of energy comes from the good reflex of each one. That's why you just have to remember and pass it all on as a habit .

Electricity: The stakes are high for this winter

Due to inflation, the price of electricity skyrockets. The state launched a call for energy sobriety . A gesture that requires the involvement of everyone citizen .

To avoid lack of energy during the winter , everyone has to be responsible.

Not only will it help reduce the bill, but especially to save energy. Even though each foyer managed to save, if only a few watts a day. It will already be a big gain for the whole country.

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