Elizabeth II 'full of spirit' before dying: a loved one confides in her last moments of life...

modified: 2022-09-18 18:08:02

As the UK mourns Queen Elizabeth II, information about Her Majesty's final moments is slowly coming out.

  Elizabeth II

The United Kingdom lost on September 8 its longest monarch , Queen Elizabeth II. The members of the family Royal, as well as the sovereigns, are currently in mourning. Everyone remembers memories of the queen . In this context, some information regarding the last moments of the queen has been published.

Elizabeth II, the royal family is upset by her death!

The UK is in mourning since September 8th. Elizabeth II died in Scotland , at Balmoral Castle, after living 96 years. Let us remember that she is the queen who remained longest on the throne . His relatives surely remember memories of His Majesty.

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For Prince William , he announced that he will have to learn to live without his grandmother. the Prince Harry for his part, says he is grateful for all his memories with Sa Majesty . Although saddened, the royal family must bid farewell to the monarch. As a reminder, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will take place on September 19, 2022.

One of Her Majesty's relatives revealed her last moments!

Side succession , Charles III takes over and becomes king after the death of his mother. He therefore took up his responsibilities immediately, starting by making tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Thus, the new king honored the departure of his tender mother who joined his father during his speech . He wished His Majesty to be accompanied of thousands of angels in his eternal rest, with tears in their eyes.

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During all this upheaval, a member of the royal family could not resist revealing the truth about the last moments of Queen Elizabeth II. The state of health of the queen was indeed very worrying during the day of September 8. The members of the royal family were thus summoned at Balmoral Castle. Prince Charles first learned by phone call that the queen was already dying.

Princess Anne talks about the last moments of Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Anna, only child of Queen Elizabeth II, also paid tribute to her beloved mother. She announced that she felt very lucky to have been able to share Her Majesty's Last Moments . It was a privilege and an honor for her. Indeed, she was able to accompany her mother during her last hours. Furthermore, the Queen's daughter claimed to have been witness of the love shown by the world during this last voyage of the Queen. A moment that is both overwhelming and moving .

It is useful to note that the cause of death of the Queen has not yet been published. Nevertheless, some people at Buckingham Palace have unveiled some information . Queen Elizabeth II was still receiving the Prime Minister on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. Although Prince Charles offered to host them instead, the Queen insisted on doing her job. She was therefore still in great shape two days before her death. As we say, it was The calm before the storm .