Elsa Bois in tears: the dancer cracks when she talks about her relationship with Michou

modified: 2022-09-28 00:55:12

Elsa Bois, in a relationship with the famous youtuber Michou, confides in her relationship. Apparently, rumors are circulating.

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'Elsa Bois and Michou form a couple very popular with viewers. Their relationship seems very serene. They look more in love than ever. Despite, some of the viewers who do not wear them too much in their hearts , they remain a solid and loving couple.

Elsa Bois: A participant in Dancing with the Stars

Elsa Bois and Michou met during their visit to Dance with the stars , season 11. Since then, they have become more than stars. They are indeed together.

Young people seem more in love than ever. After the formalization of their story, the two young lovers have become inseparable . In addition, they shared with their subscribers all their activities.

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Despite always appearing happy and swimming in happiness, they also do not stop receiving criticism from viewers. The single and simple reason that Elsa Bois resumes season 12 of Dance with the stars with another partner. This is Thomas Da Costa.

For Internet users, the young lady will undoubtedly fall under the spell of her new partner , to the point of wanting to leave everything and Michou with it. Even with all these assumptions, the couple Elsa and Michou still holds up.

Extraordinary declaration of love!

To silence the rumors, the young youtubeur shared in a new video, the sincerity of his love for Elsa Bois. To do this, he asked his relatives to answer questions. And at the same time, he filmed his own reactions in relation to the responses of those close to him.

And of course, her soul mate also lent herself to the game. She particularly underlined her first meeting with Michou and all the best souvenirs that since then they have been able to have together. And it was from there that she was very emotional. It was in tears that she confided: “The last moments we spent together. There, you see, he came to see me on the prime. I was so happy he was there. I don't even know why I'm crying, because it's not negative' .

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We can say that obviously, it's not just Michou who is crazy lover . Elsa Bois is also just as much as him. She didn't stop there, she continued: 'Let him be there to support me. He will try to be there as much as possible on the bonuses. He encourages me every day. » And then add: 'He said to me: I'm so happy, your partner looks great. And Thailand too, the holidays we had together. It was a real bubble of happiness. And we had a real bond that we had less of during the summer” .

All these beautiful words had an effect on the young youtubeur. All moved, he can be sure that his couple will hold on despite the criticism of Internet users.

Elsa Bois: A good start for season 12 of Dancing with the stars

Now Elsa Bois is embarking alone, once again on the Dancing with the Stars adventure. With the encouragement and support of her lover, she will conquer the stage.

The dancer will be ready to do anything to win this new season. And she intends to give the maximum to succeed this season.

Despite the critiques Internet users on his behavior and his possible attraction to his new partner, there is nothing to fear. His feelings for the Michou are indeed well posed. They are madly in love. All is well on the subject.

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