Emergencies: after 44 hours on a stretcher, a woman dies, her daughter attacks the hospital

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A retiree spent 44 hours on a stretcher in the emergency room, in a hallway and then sent home. She dies a few days later.

  Emergencies: after 44 hours on a stretcher, a woman dies, her daughter attacks the hospital

Josette, an octogenarian living in an EHPAD is very ill and needs to go to the hospital . But once there, she does not receive the necessary care. She spent 44 hours in the emergency department of the Simone-Veil hospital in Eaubonne in Val-d'Oise on a stretcher. A scandalous episode led the old lady to death , according to the words of daughter, Marie-Pierre Mazzaggio. She lodged a complaint against this irresponsible conduct of the hospital. We take stock in this article.

A critical condition in the emergency room

Josette, 83, lives in an EHPAD. She is hemiplegic . On Monday, December 19, 2022, the caregivers of his establishment decided to send him to the emergency room. His condition is indeed critical. Her blood pressure is too low e. She presents severe lack of oxygen and acute kidney failure .

The octogenarian arrives at the Simone-Veil d'Eaubonne hospital in Val-d'Oise at 7 p.m. She is on a drip and on oxygen. A health care assistance takes her constants and places her on a stretcher . However, she stays in the hallway.

Marie-Pierre Mazzaggio, his daughter, joins her around 9 p.m. . She finds her in the same hallway and is covered only with a light nightgown and a disposable sheet .

It was already very late so it was getting cold. Marie Pierre asks for a warmer blanket for his mother . But without success, she leaves him his down jacket to warm up before leaving around midnight.

A late diagnosis

The next day, Josette is still on her stretcher . A doctor comes to check his condition around 7 p.m. She therefore remained without assistance for nearly 24 hours. She was not changed and only ate compote .

The results of his blood tests arrive 4 hours later . They indicate that the patient is suffering from dehydration, urinary tract infection and kidney failure .

She should be taken to the geriatrics department. But while waiting for his transfer, she stays in the corridor, lying on her stretcher . However, after long hours, the staff told her on December 21 at 3 p.m. that they could not receive her. Since the hospital has no room for her, Josette returns to her EHPAD .

A traumatic episode in the emergency room

Josette spent 44 hours in the emergency room without receiving the right treatment . Marie-Pierre, carried away by the situation, puts down a handrail, at the moment when the old lady arrives in the EHPAD.

After the events, the octogenarian doesn't want to eat anymore and just stopped talking .

“My mother was always an always positive fighter, she always went to the end of things,” she told BFMTV. According to her, it's as if her mother showed by her gestures an 'I don't want anymore'.

Josette's condition deteriorated very quickly. Then she lost her life on January 4, 2023 , that is to say two weeks after this visit to the hospital.

A complaint against the Simone-Veil hospital in Eaubonne

“On the psychological aspect, the emergencies, it was clearly a trigger. We had lots of plans. We are in 2023, in France, we have a hospital system which should be at the forefront. Leaving an 83-year-old woman on a stretcher, without a blanket, for 44 hours is not possible. We must denounce this kind of thing, ”she told the Parisian, indignant.

Marie-Pierre contacted the Regional Health Agency (ARS) to talk about this scandalous case. Finally, on January 21, 2023, she files a complaint against the Simone-Veil hospital in Eaubonne for 'neglect of a person unable to protect himself'. Since that day, the Pontoise public prosecutor's office has opened an investigation into this case.

But this is not the first time that this hospital is quoted on these problems of influx to emergencies . After learning of the death of the old lady and the complaint about her, the hospital gave the following response :

“We sympathize with the pain of the patient's family and we are in contact to provide answers. The end of 2022 was marked by a critical situation at national and local level. Despite the mobilization of our teams, the waiting time in the emergency room has been extended over this period. We are sincerely sorry for our patients and their loved ones. »

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