Émilie Fanich: “Do you validate?” The mother of large families reveals the new room of her twins

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In a recent Instagram post, Émilie Fanich from 'Large Families' unveiled the new room of her twins Niya and Maïly.

  Émilie Fanich: “Do you validate?” The mother of large families reveals the new room of her twins

Yes Emilie Fanich approaching term of pregnancy , the mother of eight children has not forgotten her binoculars. Aged 10, the two little girls had the joy of having their own room. For the occasion, the former candidate of ' Large families » asked the opinion of his Instagram followers . We take stock in this article.

Who is Emilie Fanich?

Émilie Fanich became known to the public thanks to his participation in the TF1 program “ Large families: life in XXL » . As a reminder, the 35-year-old appeared on screen on October 11, 2021.

Born into a large sibling, Émilie Fanich has four brothers and two sisters. . In turn, she also started a large family with her husband, Franck. In effect, they are the parents of eight children in all .

Namely the twins Niya and Maïly (10 years old), Édène (9 years old), Naële (8 years old), Eïmi (6 years old), Mjih (4 years old), Ali (2 years old) and Ava, born in July 2021 . The tribe is about to expand , because Émilie Fanich is pregnant with her ninth baby.

Work in their house

You are probably wondering how everyone manages to live in one house. Moreover, for the arrival of their ninth child, the couple initiated work in the family home .

And it is on social networks that the mother provide updates on their progress . This is what she does from time to time on her Instagram account of 172,000 subscribers.

'So we have the three months to go upstairs and then we'll have that time when we'll have the baby with us so we can create a room with Baba and free it up for Ava and her little one. sister so that they can both be in their room”, announced Émilie Fanich at the beginning of the year.

This before concluding:

“Nine months is the time it takes to create a baby and we will need that to finish the whole interior and then we will really have more than just the exteriors to finish. »

Émilie Fanich shows the twins' bedroom

Saturday January 28, 2023, Emilie Fanich gave a little update on the progress of the work . According to his post, the new room of the twins Niya and Maïly is finally ready. After the renovation, the scenery has completely changed .

'There you are, you've waited so long! The twins' room... Do you approve? The girls are delighted with the result, ”she wrote in the caption followed by several hashtags.

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We feel that the young mother is proud of the result t. It has something to be, because it's just beautiful. Obviously, reading the comments, his subscribers are of the same opinion. Among them, former candidates of 'Large Families'.

« Canon », for example reacted Aurélie Dunand while Anaïs Sanson wrote 'We love it'. Ordinary Internet users were not left out either. In effect, among the rave reviews , one could read:

'It's very beautiful, you did well to put the small separation at the level of the beds, very classy', 'Very beautiful, I would sleep on the left...', 'Magnificent, as always, you can be proud of yourself', “Congratulations for this lovely room! What a job, but it was worth it. »

The work is not finished yet

Note that it is Franck, the husband of Émilie Fanich, who carried out this renovation work . Looking at the last photo of the post, we see that he was not alone. It seems having been “supervised” by one of his children .

' That's wonderful. During major works like this, all the work that has been provided, we could admire the result for a long time!!! What a job !!! It is the daughters who should be happy and proud of their father's work. Bravo “, has also greeted a user.

Be that as it may, according to the words of Émilie Fanich, work is not finished yet . Other developments may follow. It should be remembered that the mother of eight children is pregnant with her ninth baby . And the birth is fast approaching.

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