Émilie MAPR: the young woman faces some health problems

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A few days ago, Émilie (MAPR) revealed some rather worrying Instagram stories. Turns out she has some health issues.

  Émilie MAPR: the young woman faces some health problems

After a difficult break with Frédérick, Émilie (MAPR) is in a relationship again . She, who is usually very active on social networks, announced the good news on social networks. Internet users were delighted for her. But while they waited confidences of the young woman on her new relationship , Émilie (MAPR) rather shared that not everything is going well in her life. In fact, she revealed disturbing Instagram stories , talking about his state of health. This Sunday, December 11, 2022, she told her fans more.

Émilie (MAPR): back on her romance with Frédérick

Émilie and Frédérick participated in the program 'Married at first sight' in order to find love . To their surprise, they were 84% compatible . The two candidates then said “yes” to their friends and relatives.

The young woman was particularly touched by the story and the charisma of the candidate. Emilie's feelings (MAPR) have continued to grow , throughout the ceremony. Although respect for her father prevents her from being demonstrative, Lina's mother was quickly seduced by the aura that emanates from her promised .

By taking part in this experience, Émilie glimpsed the hope of falling in love . Indeed, it is necessary to believe that the natural charm, the protective character and the benevolence of Frédéric had their effect. On his Instagram account, the young woman confessed :

“It was grueling, emotionally charged. It's no longer a secret. I fell in love with Frédérick. »

their divorce

The television viewers appreciated the couple of Émilie (MAPR) and Frédérick . Unfortunately, their divorce was a cold shower for them. As a reminder, everything started to go wrong between the lovebirds during their honeymoon.

Following numerous disagreements, the two candidates wanted to end their union , despite the intervention of the program expert, Estelle Dossin. The characters of the newlyweds face several disagreements . Although ready to make the necessary efforts to make this relationship work, Frederick has reached the point of no return.

Following inappropriate and disrespectful comments from Lina's mother, the candidate ended their relationship permanently . During a live Instagram, the young man confided:

“We signed the divorce papers in December. Since then, everyone has rebuilt their lives. »

While at the signing of their divorce the two candidates remained on good terms , Frederick confessed to yet another argument, which arose after the publication of a photo.

“We fell out after the divorce. My product placement agency is trying to build an image for me,” he confessed.

Amber's dad also explained that this discussion led to an argument , definitively signing the break with the one he considers to be “a problem girl” and of which he will no longer speak .

Frédérick, again as a couple

Shortly after his divorce, Frédérick (MAPR) found love again . On June 27, 2022, M6 broadcast an episode “What became of them? “An opportunity to hear from the candidates of” Married at first sight “six months after the shooting. And during the show, it seemed like Amber's father regretted the failure of his marriage to Emilie (MAPR). However it was not because at the time already, he was in a relationship .

Frederick indeed made this revelation in an Instagram story on Monday, July 18, 2022.

'I'm embarrassed, but it should have been done by now and in another way. Vanessa who has been by my side for eight months. As I tell everyone, take a step back. As a viewer, when you watched the episodes, you felt like it happened yesterday. Except that it happened almost a year ago. So water has flowed under the bridges. They had her come to the house for a day of filming, as she is from the Paris region. Unfortunately, they did not broadcast his presentation when it was originally planned. They preferred to pass me off as someone who regrets, when not at all. (…) As many of you wish me to find the woman who would follow me in my delirium here, I present her to you, ”he said.

Internet users were then able to discover images of Vanessa, a lovely blonde . For her part, his former wife Émilie (MAPR) revealed that she was still single, in particular for fear of suffering again.

Émilie (MAPR), also in a relationship

Ultimately, the right time has come . Tuesday September 20, 2022, in Instagram story, the candidate for the M6 ​​show indicated that she was in a relationship.

For it, she posted a photo of a couple about to kiss in front of the sea, during a sunset. In legend, Émilie (MAPR) proves that she is launched in a more serious relationship .

“Already far from me and it’s empty without you. My community, I wanted to share great news with you, my heart is no longer to be taken. Sometimes happiness is right in front of our eyes, I won't be able to expose my partner for the moment because he too is in the musical field and I want to give myself time but honestly it makes me feel good to feel two, and who knows, the family will be able to grow,” she confessed.

However, fans will still have to wait since the identity of the lucky winner has not been revealed .

Health issues

As fans await new information about the new couple, they got bad news recently. Emilie (MAPR) is not in her best shape.

“Small message to give my news. I would like to thank my subscribers again for your advice, I took several opinions and above all I went to see an infectious disease specialist, which saved me from taking very heavy treatment over several years, ”she said. without revealing more about the nature of the evil which affects it, nor its gravity.

The young mother then went on to say:

'I'm resting but I intend to come back soon'

The one who has become an influencer since her passage in the sixth season of “Married at first sight” would like to make a clarification: in order to honor the partnerships, she has shot stories in advance that she continues to publish. Therefore, even if some stories are published, the young mother stay away from social media for a certain time.

“I am raising my daughter alone, so yes, even sick, I have no choice but to take it on. Thank you for your words, it is at times like this that you see your true friends and who is there for you. First time for me that a man does not let go of my hand in a difficult moment, ”she said before wishing a good evening to her subscribers.

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