Employees and civil servants: the conditions for benefiting from the activity bonus

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The activity bonus is awarded under several conditions. It is paid each year to several million households.

  Employees and civil servants: the conditions for benefiting from the activity bonus

In 2023, activity bonus will support purchasing power of a large number of employees and civil servants in the face of inflation. Every year, the government devotes a significant amount to this social assistance. However, millions of individuals do not claim it, because it is not paid automatically . You have to request it. Find out in this article if you can perceive it.

The activity bonus: what is it?

The activity bonus is financial assistance paid as income supplement to support purchasing power of its beneficiaries. It is perceived from a certain threshold of resources.

Its distribution is taken care of by the family allowance fund (CAF) and, depending on the case, by the agricultural social mutuality (MSA). The activity bonus aims to encourage employees and operators to find a professional activity. It also replaces the employment bonus (PPE) and the active solidarity income (RSA) for apprentices, students, trainees and self-employed workers.

How much will employees be able to receive?

The amount of this bonus varies according to the situation of the employees and non-employees who receive it. Its calculation is done automatically and personalized, because each case is different .

The activity bonus considers the following elements:

  • Your household income
  • The composition of your household,
  • Unemployment benefits,
  • family benefits,
  • The childcare service for young children (Paje
  • retirement pensions,
  • Housing allowances (ALF, ALS, APL)
  • Allowance for disabled adults (AAH)

The activity bonus is based on a lump sum equivalent to 586.23 euros for a single person. To find out how much you will receive, you can use the formula : Amount of the activity bonus = (lump sum possibly increased according to the number of dependents + 61% of professional income + individual bonuses) – household resources taken into account.

But if in doubt, you can always rely on simulators available online . Simulators make it possible to obtain an estimate closer to the real amount of the premium. You will find them, for example, on service-public.fr or mes-allocs.fr.

Who can benefit from the activity bonus?

Here are the conditions to receive the activity bonus:

  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • Exercise a professional activity, but earn a modest income,
  • Live effectively in France over a stable period.

This is why workers temporarily posted to France are not concerned . They will therefore not be able to receive the premium.

How do I apply for the activity bonus?

Receiving the activity bonus does not happen automatically . To receive it, eligible employees and non-employees must send their request upstream. Everything happens with a CAF or MSA teleservice.

If you are already a beneficiary of one of the funds, you can already submit your request online . But if you are not yet, CAF will ask you to create a profile with its platform. You have to go to the Help and procedures section, then continue to My steps and create your My Account space .

Indeed, it is absolutely necessary to have this account before being able to benefit from the activity bonus . This is not a complicated step, you will even be guided.

When your request is validated, your fund will send you a notification of the allocation of the bonus as well as its amount . Obviously, this is only valid for 3 months. After this period, your situation will be reconsidered again.

When will you receive the activity bonus?

The activity bonus is paid monthly. Its payment is done from the 1st of the month following the filing of the application .

But you should know that at that time you receive the benefit corresponding to the previous month. Also, your activity bonus for the month of January will only be paid in February . The system is the same for salaried and non-salaried CAF and MSA recipients.

The activity bonus has the advantage of not being taxable. On the other hand, when the amount of the premium is below 15 euros, it cannot be perceived .

For how long is it paid to employees and non-employees?

Employees and non-employees may continue to receive the activity bonus as long as their situation complies with the eligibility conditions. Indeed, the CAF and the MSA are reassessing the situation of their beneficiaries every quarter.

At the end of this period, you may no longer be eligible . You must therefore:

  • Inform the CAF and the MSA every 3 months about your income and that of the members of your household.
  • Communicate your changes in family and professional situation from your My Account Space, in the “Declare a change” section.

Each recipient has a duty to report these changes . However, becoming ineligible after these reports is possible. In the event that you become ineligible for the activity bonus after this report, the first changes will only take place on the first day of the following month .

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