Employees: who can claim the value-sharing bonus?

modified: 2023-01-20 14:26:02

This summer, the government put forward the value-sharing bonus, intended to boost the purchasing power of employees.

  Employees: who can claim the value-sharing bonus?

Contrary to popular belief , social assistance are not limited to unemployed people. In the face of inflation, employees can also rely on different devices. Thus, the CAF can pay activity bonus workers with incomes close to the minimum wage. And since last summer, another boost targets employees. It is value sharing bonus . Formerly known as the Macron premium, it can help assets facing rising prices for months. But who can really benefit from it?

Value sharing premium: what are we talking about?

In theory, all employees are entitled to this aid. However, not all employers are able to pay it. According to the Ministry of Economy , here are the structures concerned.

  • private employers. This includes the self-employed (craftsmen, traders, farmers, liberal professions). But also mutuals, associations or foundations, unions, etc.
  • Public establishments of an industrial and commercial nature (EPIC)
  • Public administrative establishments (EPA), if they employ staff under private law. Like the regional health agencies (ARS).
  • Temporary work companies (interim), and the ESATs, who employ disabled workers.

Finally, know that this device is not an obligation for the employer. It is simply a move he can choose to make. The advantage? It remains tax-exempt within the limit of 3,000 euros . And this ceiling rises to 6,000 in companies that have signed a profit-sharing agreement.

All employees of eligible organizations may receive this bonus, if their hierarchy so decides. In addition, this premium must be subject to a business agreement . Otherwise, it may result from a unilateral choice of the employer, as long as he informs the CSE of the company.

How can employees reach?

The employer has several options . He can thus choose to distribute the bonus to the entire workforce evenly. In this case, all employees receive the same amount.

But the company can also decide to allocate different amounts to employees. And this, based on different criteria such as:

  • normal employee compensation
  • their level of classification
  • the duration of effective presence in the company, in the last 12 months. Remember that parental leave also counts as days of actual presence.
  • seniority of employees
  • the duration of the employment contract.

Employees can receive this value-sharing bonus since July 2022. However, these payments can only take place once per quarter . If applicable, it must appear on your payslip, using a dedicated line.

For the Minister of the Economy, this measure is giving promising results. Thereby, more than 700,000 employees received this bonus in 2022 . On average, its amount reaches 710 euros. What I see is that it works. So we always have an interest in sustaining what works. » Indeed, for Bruno the Mayor , this bonus is a good alternative to a salary increase . Indeed, at Bercy, it is repeated that an overall increase in remuneration does not plunge the country into an inflationary spiral.

Source : Ministry of Economy

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