Energy check 2022: additional aid of 200 euros planned for this winter!

modified: 2022-09-20 19:59:02

Despite the crisis, the government is still granting aid to the poorest families for this winter. An energy check will be distributed!

  Energy check

The various crises create many gaps in society. Not only does the government fear the lack of electricity for the winter, but it has also noticed the difficulty households have in paying their bills. And precisely to help his households, he sets up an energy check which allows him to receive financial assistance during the winter.

Who can benefit from the energy voucher?

According to information received by the government, households that do not exceed the threshold of 10,800 euros per year (the RFR or Reference Tax Income), will receive automatically the energy check. They are already listed in order to facilitate the distribution of cheques.

As for households that have already received social assistance, last year, they can easily receive their energy check without any problem. This will be worth between 100 or 200 euros, and they will have to follow the distribution schedule.

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Concerning approximately 12 million households, the French will receive the financial contribution of the State by the end of the year. This with the aim of protecting and relieving the French people in these difficult times.

During the census, it was mentioned that more than 40% of households encounter difficulties financial . This is why these families modest will have a boost from the Republic to be able to spend the winter warm.

How do we know if we are eligible?

You are certainly asking yourself the following question: are you eligible or not to receive the energy check? As previously stated, the households with an annual income of less than 10,800 euros are given priority .

If you do not meet this criterion, it is quite possible that you will not have the energy check. Moreover, there was no question of registration or procedure to follow for this help. The tax administration takes care of the preparation of the lists of persons beneficiaries .

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The government already has a list of taxpayers to whom it will pay the energy check. As it has already done for the previous year.

Take, for example, the case of a mother single , who has two dependent children while she only receives the minimum wage. It will certainly not reach this reference tax income (RFR). So inevitably, she will be one of the people who will have the energy check.

Why the energy check?

Faced with inflation and the uncontrollable rise in the price of energy, the State is obliged to help the citizens . The Prime Minister even announced that: L he government is making an effort to protect the purchasing power of the French”.

Leaders are constantly looking for solutions to minimize the impact of the crisis on the lives of French people. Furthermore, not all aid will cover everyone, as state resources are limited.

What about other households who are also affected by increases in electricity prices? The government has fixed the increase in the price of energy. So providers of services in the distribution of electricity must respect an increase of less than 15% .