Energy check: here are the 12 million households that will be able to benefit from it!

modified: 2022-09-16 16:14:02

The current circumstances make life difficult for some households. The Ministry of Energy Transition offers an energy check for low-income families.

  Energy check

Times are tough for most French people. In addition to the start of the school year, parents also have to deal with a constant increase in the price of electricity and gas. The government, as the main responsible for these facts, offers the energy check. A solution that could be of great help to most economic players.

The energy check in parallel with the tariff shield

To fully understand the support measures offered by the government, it is best to explain the method of price setting Energy. In clear terms, market prices vary according to supply and demand on the national and international scene. So that almost no actor economic does not have the power to influence it significantly.

But the State has the power to reverse the situation, which is the case with the energy check and the tariff shield. By paying certain subsidies to local producers, the government has a stranglehold on rising market prices. So that an increase of about 105% could be limited to 4%.

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Established since the year 2021, the tariff shield is extended until 2023. A declaration which was formalized by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne herself, accompanied by the Minister of Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher and the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire.

Households and condominiums are directly affected by this system. Certain legal entities such as small medium enterprises, social housing and small municipalities can also benefit from it. Nevertheless, the price of energy is still constantly increasing, which requires other solutions such as the energy check.

A more specific support measure

Although the purpose of the check energy either to help the majority of French people, only a part of them will benefit from it. Still according to Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, approximately 12 million families will benefit from the energy check.

This portion corresponds to approximately 40% of the national population. Add to that that the targets are the most modest households.

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The total budget for the energy voucher is capped at around 1.8 billion euros. This limits its field of action to families categorized in first four deciles of income. Concrete examples are revealed by the competent authorities.

According to the press release: 'For example, a single mother with two children who earns the minimum wage will receive a check for 200 euros,' said Elisabeth Borne. And 'a couple of workers with a cumulative income of 3,000 euros net per month with two children will receive aid of 100 euros. »

The conditions for obtaining the energy check

Although the energy check is relatively self-explanatory, there are still a few details that are not revealed to the general public. The executive committee of this measure governmental has not yet defined conditions to enjoy it nor the exact sum.

Nevertheless, everything suggests that the criteria will be similar to the old energy check. That is, the amount obtained depends on the reference tax income or RFR. In any case, households hope that this kind of help can bring about big changes, given the situation. critique current.