Energy check: the calendar of the various state aids for 2023

modified: 2022-12-19 14:11:02

Renewed in 2023, the energy check will be paid to several million households. Find out when it will be awarded.

  Energy voucher: the calendar of the various state aids for 2023

The government has decided to extend its tariff shield in 2023 . Among the aid maintained, the classic, exceptional, fuel oil and wood energy check.

The classic and exceptional energy checks will be maintained

To boost the purchasing power of the French, the government has set up several financial aids . These aids, as announced by the State, will be extended in 2023 .

Despite the efforts of the State, the situation has become increasingly critical . Prices have only increased and the population is struggling to pay the bills who pile up. So what should be done to solve the problem ?

MPs and Ministers are convinced of this, defeating inflation requires everyone's awareness . Because if the government has put in place a plan to get out of the crisis. Its effectiveness will totally depend on what each household will do .

Note that Elisabeth Borne had announced some pretty bad news lately . According to the Prime Minister, the price of electricity will continue to soar just like that of gas. According to her, an increase of around 15% is to be expected .

“This represents an average increase in bills of €25 per month for households that heat with gas, and €20 for households that heat with electricity,”
explained the politician on September 14, 2022.

Since the announcement made by Elisabeth Borne, several devices have been put in place . Among these devices, the traditional energy check and the exceptional energy check.

Aid payment dates

Generalized in 2018, the energy check has since made many happy . In 2022 in particular, financial aid benefited several million French people. The government therefore decided to extend it in 2023 .

As officials announced, the classic energy check will be paid to approximately 5.8 million households in spring 2023 . The amounts will remain the same as are the terms of payment.

As a reminder, its amount varies according to the tax income of households. He is capped at 277 euros .

In addition, a household, so that it can claim financial assistance must have income below 10,800 euros .

Note that you can test your eligibility for the energy check through an online simulator. These simulators are free and allow in just a few clicks know the amount that will be paid to you .

In addition, be aware that there is also what is called exceptional energy check. He was created in addition to the classic energy check and is among the aid maintained in 2023.

As announced by the government, the exceptional energy check will benefit 12 million French people in 2023 . It will be paid over a period of approximately eight weeks from December 2022 to February 2023.

Finally, the exceptional energy check is a minimum amount of 100 euros . This amount varies according to annual tax income homes and can go up to 200 euros .

Other aid maintained in 2023

Like the classic and exceptional energy checks, the fuel oil energy check will be renewed in 2023 . It will benefit households that heat with fuel oil and will be paid until March 31, 2023.

The minimum amount of the fuel oil energy check is 100 euros. Depending on the tax income of the household, this amount can increase and reach 200 euros .

Note that the allocation of this fuel check requires meeting certain criteria. To qualify for assistance, a household must have income below the ceiling set by the government .

Among the aid paid by the State in 2023 is also the wood energy check. Created recently, it will be awarded to approximately 2.6 million households next year .

The amount of the wood energy check it is 50 euros minimum . Depending on your income and the number of children you have, this amount can increase and reach 200 euros .

It should be noted that to be entitled to this assistance, a person who lives alone must not receive more than 2,260 euros . For their part, those who have two dependent children must have incomes of less than 4,750 euros.

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