Energy crisis: what aid can you claim?

modified: 2022-12-12 12:31:02

To support the households that need it the most, several financial aids have been put in place. Can you benefit from it? The details.

  Energy crisis: what aid can you claim?

France faces an unprecedented energy crisis . Many aids have emerged to help French households in need. These devices cost several million euros to the State and target a few million French people. Most of these aids are available this winter . But how to access it? Find out the answer in this article.

Energy crisis: aid for wood heating

Fireplaces that are heated with wood are eligible for further assistance installed this winter. This is a grant of 50 to 200 euros.

It is paid according to the fuel used. But it is above all the most modest households that will receive it, to deal with the energy crisis.

The households that will be able to benefit from it are those whose income does not exceed a certain ceiling . This is the case of a single person who does not earn more than 2,260. A couple with two dependent children can also receive it if their income does not exceed 4,750 euros per month .

The aid is available from December 22, 2022 on the website. On occasion, the beneficiary will have to bring your teleregistrant number and your wood purchase invoice .

The exceptional energy check

The exceptional energy check is a device that the government deployed in the context of the energy crisis . This is a bonus to the energy check valid each spring. It is dedicated to 12 million households from the end of December. It is attributed to households under income conditions :

Those whose reference tax income does not exceed 10,800 euros , will receive 200 euros.

Those whose reference tax income is between 10,800 euros and 17,400 euros , will receive a 100 euro grant.

Repair Bonuses

From December 15, 2022, a bonus réparation will be granted to all households that go to repair their used electrical and electronic appliances. It is a rebate that covers 20% of the average cost of repairs for 31 products. The bonus can range from 10 to 45 euros depending on your device.

For example, it is 10 euros for a toaster, an iron and a filter coffee machine. The bonus is 15 euros for a vacuum cleaner , a home cinema, a musical instrument, a DVD player, a drill and a scooter. It amounts to 20 euros for a game console or a speaker. 25 euro will award themselves for the repair of a washing machine , a freezer or a mobile phone. It is 30 euros for the repair of a television and a video projector. Finally, repairing a computer entitles you to a bonus of 45 euros .

As of December 15, this bonus will be deducted from your bill . To do this, all you have to do is go to one of the 500 “QualiRépar” certified repairers. The list is given by the site or the site. The consumer can discover repair points near your home .

Energy crisis: the energy fund

With the energy crisis, Housing Action I consecrated a budget of 75 million euros to help low-rental housing tenants pay their energy bills. From December 12, 2022, beneficiaries will be able to obtain financial aid of up to 600 euros .

The precarious homes that meet the following conditions will receive this help:

  • Living in public housing
  • Have a living allowance of less than 15 euros daily per person
  • Note an increase in monthly charges of 100 euros or an increase in regularization of more than 1,000 euros over the year.

Eligible households must contact their social landlord to carry out the necessary administrative procedures. This helps you will then be paid by bank transfer .

The sobriety bonus

This measure is a way of encouraging households to perform simple gestures to better manage their energy consumption. It is aimed at households that have succeeded in making significant savings on their energy bill.

Multiple Suppliers have already specified this help . Thus, Total Energies offers a premium of 30 to 120 euros. The latter undertakes to allocate it to households that succeeded in reducing their electricity consumption by 5% at least from November 31 to March 1, 2023.

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