Energy: reducing your bills in the face of the energy crisis is possible

modified: 2022-12-22 20:27:02

With the energy sobriety plan as well as the inflation of energy prices, every Frenchman is trying to consume less.

  Energy: reducing your bills in the face of the energy crisis is possible

Since the beginning of the year, the costs of daily living have evolved significantly. Indeed, everything seems to have greatly increased. This is of course the direct consequence of inflation. Indeed, during the month of January, certain political spirits seemed to heat up. Deciding this way to end business relations. So, whether it concerns food, fuels or even energy, France has far fewer suppliers . And, whether for France, or even Europe. This winter seems placed under energy sobriety . So, in order to achieve savings energy, simple small gestures can be enough. We'll explaine everything here.

The shower, a source of energy consumption

The shower remains a very important moment. Whether it is every day or more spaced out, the latter is not just about hygiene. Especially when it's cold outside. So, although it's still a pleasant moment, you have to know not to abuse it . It remains undeniable that the latter consumes energy. In addition, the biggest energy consumption when showering is not really water. Although the water is of course expended, what will cost you the most, it remains your water heater.

Indeed, the water heater remains one of the devices that consumes the most. Like the others whose purpose is to heat (radiator, boiler, oven, etc.). The trick here seems to be to better manage your shower time. And, for this purpose, the trick is to put an hourglass. This way you will always know where you are in terms of showering. And this, in order to reduce them.

Connected sockets

In the energy sobriety plan, the government calls for less energy consumption. Gone are the days when lights consumed the most. From now on, there are a lot of devices that consume a lot of energy , such as internet boxes. In this case, the option of unplugging the devices seems possible. But it remains constraining and easily forgettable. But don't panic, there is a trick. These are connected sockets or smartplugs. These can be controlled by voice input and above all, you can add a timer on it . And in this case, it amounts to unplugging your devices if the latter remains off.

The water saver

Another tip that concerns the shower remains the water saver. The latter is fixed on the shower head and allows great savings of water and energy. On average, this represents nearly 60% savings compared to a conventional system . The positive point also remains that it reduces consumption, but without changing the water pressure.

Low consumption light bulbs and energy

For many years now, many technologies have enabled light bulbs to no longer consume as much energy as before. And justly, why not switch all your bulbs to low consumption . These are inexpensive and allow big savings with LED technology.

The connected thermostat

The most repeated point in the energy sobriety plan remains heating. The government is called upon to heat to a maximum of 19 degrees and 16 degrees in the least used rooms . Because only one degree less represents up to 7% less energy consumption . But, although the French are holding on, there seem to be better and worse times to heat up. And, precisely, to get to know when to heat properly, there are connected thermostats . These are installed in the house and therefore make it possible to heat the rooms according to need. But especially at the right time.

Air leak detector to prevent energy leaks

But, even if you heat well at 19 degrees and have a thermostat connected, your energy bill may still remain high. Imagine having heated by leaving the windows open, you consume a lot. So, so that the heating is not too important, your home must be well insulated . And for that, there is an aerosol that detects air leaks. Once the leak has been identified, all that remains is to fill it. And again, you will save a lot of money.

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