Energy saving: This mistake that everyone makes in the kitchen increases electricity consumption by 50%!

modified: 2022-09-22 02:22:01

We no longer have a choice, we have to save energy. Following the call of the President, it is essential.


For years, the French did not really pay attention to the consumption of electricity. But since the price hike, everyone is trying to find ways to make savings of energy. There are some tricks and simple ways that can contribute effectively to energy management.

Changing habits to save energy

In a general way , it is in the kitchen that we use the most electricity . It is therefore in the kitchen that we should see, first, how to do energy saving .

Starting with how we use fire. Have you ever thought that the more powerful the fire, the more it consumes ? It's time to activate savings mode energy in your kitchen.

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If you have to boil water for example for cooking your pasta. First take the time to boil the water with a kettle. Indeed, with a kettle , the water heats up more quickly, i.e. a 50% energy gain than putting it directly in the pan. Already you will have time saving , but even more, you will consume less energy.

If you don't have no kettle in your kitchen , this is not a problem. Just be sure to cover the pan well and put a pinch of salt in it right away. This will speed up the process.

Detect energy-consuming devices in your home

outside the kitchen , there are also other devices which you may not know, but it uses more energy than it needs. In order to succeed in making energy savings , you will have to take a quick look at all the electrical appliances in your home.

Take the time to unplug or turn off devices you are not using. It helps a lot to consumption reduction .

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In your living room for example , you have the job TV . If no one is watching, feel free to turn it off. Unplug your chargers when not in use, etc.

For lights, have the habit of turning off the lights places where there is no one. Always have the reflex to press the switch when you leave an empty room.

Energy saving: An essential duty!

Faced with the crisis, the french government announced that it is very likely that the country's energy stock will not be sufficient for next winter. This anticipation is useful. The President of the Republic himself appeals to the citizens of achieve energy sobriety .

In his remarks, he emphasizes that the risk of cut would be inevitable and that each individual must play his part. Every citizen has a duty to save energy. We'll have to stick together , and that right now.

As winter approaches, the heater will be most in demand. It is suggested to maintain an exact temperature in the rooms and doing the best to manage energy consumption. So, cover up and anticipate the cold weather!