Energy: terrible news for all French people, the worst is yet to come… the tariff shield will not apply to everyone

modified: 2022-09-23 18:11:01

Considered as a separate category, co-owners do not benefit from any particular aid. Why ?


The rise in prices is having an effect on many households. Whether we are owners, citizens or businesses, many will struggle this winter. In addition, the cost of energy, which is becoming more and more intense, does not spare the real estate sector. Gas bills will skyrocket for condominiums .

The cost of energy will increase for condominiums

For those who don't know the term , co-ownership means that the building is owned by different owners. As to tariff shield , this includes the aid that these owners receive.

The two terms are therefore complementary. Or more precisely, this is what the government try to accomplish so far.

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In the context of the increase in the price of energy, these are the co-owners who will suffer the most. Let us refer to the case of a president delegated by the owners of a building, Audrey Daudignon, to better understand this context.

According to her, the co-owners pay 25,000 euros each year for heating and hot water. However, this figure is likely to reach a hundred thousand in the coming weeks. The situation is therefore alarming.

What about the tariff shield?

Apart from this annoying increase in the price of energy, the co-owners' delegate also gave an update on another subject, the tariff shield . Indeed, condominiums no longer receive financial assistance or a tariff shield.

As a reminder, a building must have a single meter so that the owners receive a grant. Whereas for this condominium, the building has several electric meters.

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In return, these co-owners in full distress received as a response the announcement of Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister of the Transition energy . The ministry is in fact in the process of setting up a alternative in order to reduce this impact.

Everyone could pay less for energy this winter. The co-owners will then benefit from this shield, but under conditions.

What alternative is therefore proposed to deal with the increase in the price of energy?

Small condominiums and individuals who consume less than 150 MWh of energy per year can benefit from a tariff shield . However, they must have entered into a direct contract with the energy supplier.

In addition, the aid consists of a regulated tariff freeze of distribution of natural gas or TRVG. The alternative has been in place since November 2021 and will be extended until December 2022. This system is stipulated by the 2022 finance law.

In addition, the government has clarified since February 16, 2022 that this tariff shield is put in place to help residential individuals facing the price increase of energy. Namely those who use a common gas heating or a natural gas city heating network.

The actors concerned include the major f suppliers of energy and the State, have therefore, since then, designed a device according to this standard. This consists of fine-tuning the existing price shield to suit individual consumers.