Energy voucher: these French people will be able to receive the exceptional aid of €200!

modified: 2022-10-01 02:24:02

The government is offering an exceptional energy check to reduce electricity and gas bills. Various households are affected.

  Energy check

France is currently going through a situation of fuel poverty . At the same time, the prices of various products are on the rise. As a result, the government is implementing various alternatives to help households. These include a fuel discount and the energy check. Aid can cover many households modest.

The government offers the French an energy check

Thanks to the measures put in place by the government, modest homes can reduce their gas and electricity bills. About 12 million households will be able to benefit from the energy check.

However, a few criteria eligibility are required. This will largely depend on the amount of income each household has.

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Among the measures proposed by the government, we can cite the energy check for payment of gas and electricity as well as the fixing of the tariff shield . These have reduced the expenses of many families.

The rise costs could thus be maintained at 15%. For the check, the amount can vary from 100 euros to 200 euros depending on the situation of the beneficiary household.

What are the eligibility criteria?

About 40% of French households will thus be able to benefit from an energy voucher. the amount varies according to the average standard of living of the family, i.e. its tax income . We must also take into account the unit of consumption of the family.

For those earning less than €13,310, the aid will be worth €200. A sum of 100 euros is made available to households with an income ranging from €13,310 to €18,610.

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The beneficiary of the energy check must actually reside in France and must be subject to the housing tax , including exempt ones. As a reminder, people who live in an EHPAD, a retirement home or other specific residence can also receive this aide .

In addition, Elisabeth Borne, Prime Minister, gave examples during her press conference. This is so that there is no confusion.

Energy check: When will the French be able to collect it?

For a single mother who lives with two children and receives the minimum wage, the amount of the energy check will be 200 euros. On the other hand, for a couple with two children and who receive two incomes, the check will only be for 100 euros.

So far, no date of payment has not been fixed. However, we can assume that it will be you will see the end of 2022, from November.

In addition to this energy check offered by the government, Engie also offers a discount. 4 out of 10 households will be able to pay fewer bills from 2023.

The alternative is available to all households using energy, whether from electricity , wood pellets, firewood or gas. Note, however, that households that use fuel oil cannot benefit from this alternative.