Énora Malagré at its worst: hospitalized, she breaks the silence 'damn disease'

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On January 30, 2023, Énora Malagré took to her Instagram account to discuss her illness. She is cracking up.

  Énora Malagré at its worst: hospitalized, she breaks the silence 'damn disease'

In addition to have to relaunch his career while restoring its image, Énora Malagré must also fight against his endometriosis . A situation that pushed her to the limit. She also expressed his exasperation from his hospital bed .

A columnist who does not have her tongue in her pocket

Énora Malagré has acquired a certain notoriety chronicling within the team of “TPMP”. She was often noticed by his innumerable rants and his outspokenness. Unfortunately for the young woman, the weight of criticism and media pressure pushed him to leave Cyril Hanouna's show .

It's been a while since we've seen the 42-year-old blonde around the C8 talk show table. After he left, she did not fail to denounce the behavior of his comrades behind the scenes of the show. She spared no one. At that time, even Cyril Hanouna in a pris pour son grade .

After leaving her post as columnist, Énora Malagré had to rebuild by focusing on new projects . And this, even if she still feels marked by the image she has made within the “TPMP” team.

An image that sticks to his skin

Critics 'tinged with sexism' ended up breaking the forties . She also confided in Ciné Télé Revue.

“It was the first time that we had on TV, a woman in a role that is attributed rather to a man, that of the big mouth”, she explained.

This character had a 'destructive' effect on his daily life. This explains the fact that she distanced herself from the presenter of “ TPMP » . She reminds us that he remains her friend, despite everything. Over time, the young woman regrets not being able get rid of this label in the media world .

'Every time I get a proposal, it's to do the screaming blonde again. I did it for seven years, I'm not going to stick to it, ”she regrets.

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Talk to raise awareness

Énora Malagré has a flourishing career on television and on stage. A life that would have been perfect if the disease had not interfered . Indeed, the 40-year-old is currently battling endometriosis.

The columnist has never made a secret of his fight against this disease . She willingly talks about what she is going through in an effort to raise awareness. We know, for example, that this disease caused, in the companion of Hugo Vitrani, multiple miscarriages. The TV woman also confided that she continually has to deal with unbearable pain . And has been for a few years.

On January 30, Énora Malagré shared several stories in which she was talking about her ordeal .

“So today is a day off. I lose liters of blood, I hurt like never before. I tell myself that I'm fed up, because nothing really works for me. I really want to find a cure. A REAL to this crap. Endometriosis. Because we don't talk about it much now but it's not progressing!! Not enough, there is no cure…”, she explains.

She chimed in saying she almost posted a video showing her “crawling in pain” .

“I think of all those who are in crisis like me,” she continues in her story.

Between pain and hope

It is because of these pains of rare violence that Énora Malagré had to go to the hospital . On top of that, he also happened to lose liters of blood. She has been suffering from this disease for several years and she no longer hides her weariness vis-à-vis this . Nevertheless, she hopes that advances in medicine will one day be able to get her out of trouble.

' So this is it. We continue in transparency. I end up in the hospital. I share so that you become aware of what this damn disease is. This is our reality. We must continue the fight. Research must move forward (…) “, can we read in the caption.

The columnist wishes to reassure its subscribers . He was reportedly given morphine to dull the pain. She concludes her cry from the heart saying that she is going to have exams .

'Don't panic, huh, but when it's unbearable and we've lost too much blood, we end up in the emergency room. I was given Oramorph there, it's not unpleasant, it's based on morphine, and then here we go, we're going to do exams, ”she concluded.

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