Enora Malagré: 'I was paid for this' she clarifies things about TPMP

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Recently, Enora Malagré decided to make revelations about her passage in the famous show TPMP.

  Enora Malagré: 'J'étais payée pour ça" elle clarifie les choses au sujet de TPMP

Enora Malagré was part of the team of columnists for the program Touche pas à mon poste. Thus, while she was answering questions from David Barbet, she decided to reveal cash her role in this show . The opportunity therefore to better understand what she was doing and what she seemed to be paid for by Cyril Hanouna and production. We'll explaine everything here.

Enora Malagré, her long participation in Touche pas à mon poste

Enora Malagré remains far from being unknown to fans of Do not touch My TV . In effect, the young woman appeared as a columnist for Cyril Hanouna for six years . But, in 2017 the columnist revealed that she no longer wanted to participate as a columnist. However, it remains a position that seems difficult to have and to keep. But for her, she had done enough .

Enora Malagré was therefore able to confide that “ For several months I have been wondering about my future on television and my place in Touche pas à mon poste. I just don't think I fit in there anymore. So I'm announcing to you tonight that I'm going to leave, that I'm officially leaving Don't touch my post, she revealed in a video posted on social networks. It has been seven wonderful years where I rubbed shoulders with exceptional people. Where I learned a lot but it's time for me to leave ”.

A difficult role to play

Indeed, now, it has been five years since she had confided her desire to stop. And now, Enora Malagré better explains her role in the program Touche pas à mon poste. “ I know that wasn't really me on the show. No one understood that I was being asked to say stuff.' , assured the actress, for whom TPMP was ' a job ' : 'So my job was to play the screaming girl, the cheeky cousin. I was paid for this. If I was like that in life, I wouldn't have any friends ”.

Now, with the hindsight of Enora Malagré and her maturity, she is better aware of what she was doing. “ We are a little impetuous, pretentious when we are 20 or 30 years old . We do stupid things . I would have liked a woman to take me by the hand to guide me, telling me don't show your panties... ”.

A happy ending

Thus, even if Enora Malagré does not fail to remain cash with her experience in Touche pas à mon poste, this does not prevent her from having good relations with Cyril Hanouna . She admits on this subject that “ We don't always agree with Cyril but we are friends. So he's very proud of me. We're in each other's hearts ”. She adds, however, There are also controversies in the current TPMP show that I don't like too much, Cyril Hanouna knows that. He knows very well that we do not agree politically, etc. So I thought about withdrawing when it was the TPMP cyclone. People were tough. It's not nice to take thoughts from people you don't know ”.

Even if now Enora Malagré no longer participates in Touche pas à mon poste, she still continues her career as an actress. She also plays in the play Behind the curtain.

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