Euromillions: he wins the €200,000 jackpot after an unexpected error!

modified: 2022-09-16 23:13:01

While playing Euromillions, he got the wrong number because he forgot his glasses. Fortunately for him, this situation brought him luck.


Many people like to play games of chance like lotto or EuroMillions. To win at these, various tactics can be used. Some also choose to bet on luck. This time a player won the prize by mistake . Find the details in the next paragraphs.

EuroMillions: Can you win by mistake?

While some people are amused by this gentleman's story, others find their hope resurfacing. There are even some who, upon hearing the situation of the gentleman, also wish to play and to win .

Another woman jokes about it and says he talked about it with her husband. According to her, the latter never takes these eyeglasses . He may also win at EuroMillions.

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Indeed, the story is about a man who won the EuroMillions prize following a mistake . A case that is quite usual for the Frenchwoman of Games .

Take as an example the case in Finistère where the player bets each week on his favorite numbers. While the gentleman was on the wrong line while playing, he won the 2 million euros.

The player won by luck!

The chance sometimes hits us when we least expect it. Such is the case for this gentleman. Indeed, he won the EuroMillions 193,666 euros. The story took place in Guipavas in Finistère.

The gentleman therefore goes to a bingo press from a supermarket. He indeed plans to win the prize of 127 million euros. A wish that does not take long to come true.

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According to this player, he has a habit of ticking off the same numbers every time he plays EuroMillions. He therefore ticks in the cage of the 5 numbers the birthday dates of his relatives.

The gentleman admitted not having seen much that day since he had forgotten his eyeglasses . He is thus mistaken on the date of birth of his wife when he checked them on the line.

EuroMillions: A simple oversight that changed everything!

A gentleman won a prize of 127 million euros when he played EuroMillions. The only Frenchman who won a huge sum after four other players. For him, it was luck that came into play.

What he considered a mistake lords of sa participation turned into a move allowing him to win the prize. He found all five numbers correct by mistake, plus a lucky star.

So he went to the center of the FDJ , in Plougastel-Daoulas, to receive his prize. The manager of the lotto point where the player bought his ticket gave his opinion on the situation. He also thinks that this player won the jackpot by chance.

Who would have thought that a ticking error could lead to a player winning the EuroMillions jackpot? Also, the winner wished to keep his identity a secret.