Euromillions: the winner of 4.5 million euros almost lost his winnings for a crazy reason!

modified: 2022-09-13 14:18:02

Euromillions offers the opportunity to win millions every week. This time, the winner almost lost his winnings!


Playing EuroMillions is relatively simple and available to anyone who reaches the age to participate. And the news technologies current events allow the anonymity of the winners to be maintained. So much so that some of them are the subject of numerous investigations so that they come to recover their due.

EuroMillions benefits everyone

It was July 12 and a person coming from the Côte d'Azur, more precisely around the Ecrins National Park, won the tidy sum of 4.5 million euros . It must be said that with the establishment of EuroMillions in 12 European countries, the jackpots are plethoric.

The rules of the game are relatively simple, since all you have to do is miser on some numbers. Participants can place a single or multiple bet. For the latter, the player must choose 5 numbers, as well as 2 stars. This is to increase the pot.

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Of course, a bailiff is responsible for observing the draw to ensure the transparency of the game . And it works closely with the French Games Federation. There are 50 numbers and 12 stars to choose from. This equates to a relatively high probability of winning. Moreover, the mysterious winner of EuroMillions in question is living proof.

This time, the nobody lucky girl almost to miss out on one's gain , which is not an ordinary sum. According to the settlement, she has about 60 days to claim what is hers. Fortunately, a few hours before the closing, the FDJ announces that it has presented itself to the competent authorities of the game.

The safety of winners

For prize pool games like EuroMillions, winners safety plays a key role. It is not uncommon for those who have drawn the right numbers to fall victim to criminals after exposing themselves to the general public.

But the winners can also reveal their identity if the urge takes them. Everyone can have their reasons. Some are followers of discretion and others prefer to become celebrities. In all cases, the winner must be aware of the facts before signing or not signing the authorization to disclose his identity.

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The way EuroMillions works is quite efficient. No information concerning the person concerned was obtained during his passage in tobacconists. Still, information leakage is very possible, as the winner has to go there on the same day they won. Fortunately for him, he was able to remain anonymous.

No one knows how or why the winner preferred to wait until the last day of the deadline before showing up. Perhaps it is due to personal reasons, or we have a relatively simple case of a reserved person who does not like to expose his daily life.

EuroMillions: The misfortune of some is the happiness of others

Cases of this kind, where the winner prefers do not pocket the amount , are not isolated. However, wanted notices and numerous attempts to contact him on social networks have been made.

However, the money did not go to the state as it should, since other people won. The same day, the jackpot was shared by the two chosen ones of the draw. A tidy sum, even if it was divided in two.